Six On Saturday: Idle thoughts

Thwarted from posting last week and with the garden frozen over this week, I am going with last week’s intended post with a few updates: Good news that February is here and because it is such a short month there are only 22 16 days to go before March arrives. This week Last week I was happy to see the very first tops of the chilli seeds pushing through and although I said I wouldn’t I did, sow sweet peas that is. One lost packet from who knows where was found and sown. Maybe they will, maybe they won’t. Three have germinated. So much rain fell this the week before last that most gardening was done by staring out of the windows giving the thumbs down gladiator style to plants that offended the eye. Here are the top contenders and some stayers.


The snowberry that had a mention a few weeks back is in a direct site line from the kithchen window and does nothing to enhance the view. I leave it because I don’t think I can successfully rid myself of it and what else would grow in this dark corner? I hanker for hamamelis but would it thrive? At the moment the snowberry is in line for the chop. And a week on, still is.


Out the front the dry north facing border is host to bluebells, forsythia, and that shrubby honeysuckle with the tiny leaves. Underneath that the periwinkle runs riot. It is gradually spreading along the border. encouraging because at least something will grow there but actually getting out of hand. I will definitely be trying to confine this to a smaller space.


The front garden is also home to a mahonia which was slowly being suffocated by an hypericum. The hypericum has been cut back several times now and gradually the mahonia is re-establishing itself. This has given a bit more interest to this border and the reddish foliage is looking pretty good now. More nuturing to be done here.


While the parsnips were a little erratic in their germination last year some late sown parsley took very happily to a spot in the greenhouse and has been providing a generous supply throughout winter.


Last week so many SOSers were presenting stunning sarcococcas. This week I can sort of join in. Sarcococca hookeriana, planted up in Februrary 2020, has opened its flowers and if I get really close I can smell the scent. I think it needs some time to establish.


Its time to give some love to the primroses, steadfastly fighting off the slugs and providing a sunny smile in so many corners of the garden. I’m going to move some of these out front to go with the bluebells.

The early sun has gone and with it that uplifting sense of warmer times to come. The temperature is falling and there maybe snow here again tomorrow. Snow came, not as much as before but it has been a week of cold weather with temperatures in the greenhouse falling to minus 4.8 degrees. All change for next week and then surely it will be downhill all the way to Spring! For now it’s time start enjoying the inventiveness of fellow SOSers as we meet the command of Mr P to find six things in the garden this week. It’s a wide brief – it could be anything! All welcome to join in.

17 thoughts on “Six On Saturday: Idle thoughts

  1. Hi ! You were lucky to have positive temperatures in your greenhouse and 4° or 5° is already a good result given the cold we’ve had. For my part, while it was -7° outside, in the ( isolated ) greenhouse it went down to -1° … I will soon be able to see the damage …Next week will be milder according to the forecasts.

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    • Did I miswrite? It was minus 4 in the greenhouse! I’ll have to check and update. It looks like your bubble wrap did the trick then. I fleeced the lemon tree but left the pellies to themselves. Feeling slightly guilty now.

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      • Maybe it was me who was wrong? I probably read too quickly and I remind you that English is not my native language. 😂
        however, -4° will have caused damage on the contrary. My lemon trees are still healthy! ..and the fruits too right now. I don’t believe it: 🤞 they stay safe.

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  2. Lovely to have a plant like your periwinkle that does well in a north border, am making a mental note. Where are the snowberries on your snowberry? I think they look quite pretty with the berries, but I have heard they can get a bit out of hand. Wonderful to have so much fresh parsley, I need to get better at growing it through winter.

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    • I think because I am constantly pecking away at the snowberry I cut off all the berry bearing branches! I’ve now got it down in height and as I know it will be virtually impossible to dig out, maybe I should leave it alone for a year and see if the berries are forthcoming 🙂

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  3. Is variegated periwinkle any less vigorous than the green sort that lacks variegation? Variegated plants tend to be less vigorous than their green counterparts. I suppose that it might be so vigorous regardless that it would be difficult to know if it is any ‘less’ vigorous than the green sort.

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    • The sarcoma came good in the end and I am hoping it will establish this year. I’m still itching to get a confusa, they seem very luxuriant but maybe that depends on the planting spot. The snowberry is about 6foot high so in my saner moments I am more realistic about getting rid of it!


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