About this blog

This blog has come into being after meeting some like minded people on twitter.  Sometimes our conversations didn’t fit into 140 characters.  Some of those people already had blogs and it was good to see how their garden and allotment projects were progressing.  There was also the great Six on Saturday meme hosted by The Propagator.  Most importantly a new garden was being established.

A house move some years ago delivered a challenging new space.  First steps were to reclaim the garden from weeds: ground elder, enchanter’s nightshade, herb robert and rose bay willow herb to name a few.  Then the planting could begin.  Annuals were an important feature of the first summer, easy to grow and inexpensive.  Roses were added in the first year and the plants that came from the old garden: geraniums, delphiniums, agapanthus for the terrace and reliable self-seeders such as verbena bonariensis and alchemilla mollis. Over the years new favourites were discovered and the garden came to life.

The garden has filled up over the years, the slow process of understanding where the cold spots are, where is dry and shady and the realisation that one border is very wet have led to new plans. 

The veg plot has been revived but apples and soft fruits continue to be the best croppers.  With only three years of real growing in the garden there is much that still remains to be done.  Which is a good thing, more enjoyment to come.

The story is mostly told through the Six On Saturday meme, a sharing community of gardening folk. I hope you will enjoy reading about this garden’s progress. Head back to the home page for the latest post.