Six On Saturday: Gardening noises

It started with the sound of rustling of seed packets. A little bit of taking stock, did I remember to order everything, can I sow this year-old seed again? Now the chilli seeds have been sown along with an early batch of rocket. If felt good to be rummaging around in the compost again. I’ve also stretched the hamstrings with a little light gardening. These bones are getting going. Here’s six from the garden.


I should have spruced these up before presenting them here. They are the last of the parsnips. In truth they are also the first of the parsnips. It was another year of sporadic germination of seed. I think I sowed three times and this was all that came good. They have since been washed, finely sliced and turned into curried parsnip soup. Delicious. Parsnip seeds will be sown again this year, ever the optimist.


I have decided to significantly streamline the potato growing this year and I have chosen one variety. Yes, just the one – Belle de Fontenay. It was the most successful and tasty of those I grew last year so all my eggs are going into one basket, so to speak. Chitting has begun.


This brachyglottis is featured because I love the silver line that edges the leaves. It is showing up really well at the moment.


A little bit of cheat here, this is last week’s downward facing hellebores taken from underneath. Yes, that involved a little bit of stretching too. And impossible to focus!


My mass planting of snowdrops in the north border is still being recalcitrant. I have high hopes for a February bonanza. But this little clump that hides under a hedge is doing rather well.


Some things in the garden are just zinging along. These are the new shoots of the day lily ‘Gentle Shepherd’. The excitement is just too much for me!

The other interesting noises heard this week were the squelch, squelch of the lawn and the beautiful bird song. My predication for rain not snow last week was completely wrong. Several inches of snow fell and stayed until Wednesday when it was washed away by several nights of rain. I had to choose my gardening jobs carefully but it was lovely to be outside. This week’s bird spot was the aptly named blackcap, a warbler apparently. Perhaps it was responsible for the tuneful notes bouncing round the trees. Here’s a link to an RSPB recording of a blackcap singing. Hoping you find much to enjoy in the coming week.

Mr P as always hosts this meme, join in at anytime.

19 thoughts on “Six On Saturday: Gardening noises

  1. We also take the single-variety approach to potatoes and it is always ‘British Queens’ for us, a perennial favourite here in Ireland. I recall sowing a dozen or so heritage varieties one year which was interesting but not better for eating. Fried mackerel and new potatoes – a summer dream!

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  2. Belle de Fontenay is a very good variety. You will be satisfied.
    It’s good to see new shoots emerging from the ground right now. I noticed this morning that my aquilegias and my daylilies are starting to show their noses out

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  3. I only have room for one variety of potato, and it’s Kind Edwards this year because they are not easy to find in the shops here. Funny I made a disparaging comment about the hellebores that look down in my post, but yours is pretty when you can see it! The bracyglottis is beautiful, I love those silver edges and rounded leaves.

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  4. Brachyglottis… That’s one I haven’t seen before. I must find out about it. The silver is very beautiful.
    My chitting is progressing and due for mention among my Six very soon. Is Belle de Fontenay a maincrop or early?

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  5. I would love your curried parsnip soup recipe if you are willing to share. Parsnips are my husbands favorite. I have found that it is the one seed that does not do well the second year and it is hard to find good seed. I am going to give it a try again this year too. I boil mine for 3 to 5 minutes then salt them and put them in the air fryer. They have that distinct parsnip flavor with a crispy french fry texture. He loves curry too so think he would really like your soup if you are willing to share.

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  6. Thank you. I will modify this to fit our diet. He has to be both low fat and vegan. No animal products. I think I can use lite coconut milk instead of butter and cream and broth. May not be the same but the flavors should work well together.

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