Six On Saturday: Cheerfulness

Cheerfulness has been in short supply but I detect an upsurge coming our way. Last week I was desperate for six wonders from the garden. This week I feel more positive. Heavy snow is forecast for tomorrow but I am sure it will be rain. The garden is truly on the move and the signs of new growth are everywhere. I pruned another four rose bushes and only have three more to do. The goldfinches have reappeared, feasting on the verbena bonariensis seeds. I also spotted them enjoying some seed heads of lavender that had escaped a cut back. The hellebores are looking lovely and the 300 snowdrops I planted in the north facing border are shyly stepping out. Here’s this week’s six.


Helleborus hybridus, every so slightly ahead of their February flowering and looking just perfect from above.


Hellebore ‘Happy Day’. The first hellebore to self seed in the garden, choosing a crack on the edge of some paving to establish itself. Looks inhospitable to me and I might intervene and move it to a more generous spot in spring.


Hellebores again. I love the deep colour of ‘Pretty Ellen Red’ in its double form. I’d love these to self seed to, but not so far and I always miss the point when the seeds develop. More vigilance required.


The melica is on the move, melica altissima ‘Alba’. This really cheered me up, memories of floaty seed heads swaying in summer breezes, I can’t wait.


A little variegated variety from a cyclamen of some sort. Hastily purchased, label forgotten but its really striking leaves by the front door always catch my eye.


The fat buds of clematis ‘Apple Blossom’. An evergreen clematis from the amandii group. It flowers in the leaf axils of the previous year’s growth and as it has been in the garden now for two years there are a good deal more of those axils to bear beautiful flowers in late February.

Yes, we can do this. There’s the chill of February to get through but the March surge is on its way. Mr P continues to channel humour and sartorial gardening elegance (past few weeks) and is hosting his way through another volume of the SOS posts with his usual panache. Don’t miss out!

23 thoughts on “Six On Saturday: Cheerfulness

  1. I love the colour of the double hellebore and the patterning of the leaves on the cyclamen. Both fantastic. In future, all cyclamen that I buy will only make their way into my trolley if they have fabulous leaf markings!

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  2. The hellebores red, is stunning. I keep meaning to buy one but can’t get to a garden centre at the moment. I have learned only to buy plants when they are in flower. I have been caught out. too many times

    The cyclamen leaves are eye-catching, even without the flowers

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  3. I gotta get me some cyclamen! I grew common florist cyclamen as perennials when I was a kid, so took a dislike to them as very expensive annuals. Then, I learned about Cyclamen hederifolia and Cyclamen coum, with more subdued ‘woodsy’ bloom. Not only are they not so garish, but no one seems to be surprised that they grow as perennials. A neighbor has too many, so I will get a few.

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  4. 300 snowdrops?! Well done. The variegated cyclamen is a huge success. So much lovely detail hand painted onto each leaf. The apple blossom clematis is on a list of future acquisitions for me; I find the blossoms to be simple and elegant. Looking forward to seeing it in its full glory.

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  5. Pretty Red Ellen is a glorious colour and stands so straight above the ground. Beautiful! I love the Cyclamen leaves too, they are almost as eyecatching as the flowers.

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