Six On Saturday: Changing seasons

It was a busy gardening weekend last week.  The extra day, a bank holiday in the UK, was spent helping out at the Finchley Horticultural Society allotment NGS open day.  Fortunately after the wash out that was Sunday, Monday remained dry and the allotment looked verdant.  Of course I was tempted by the plants the growers had for sale and I came away with this:


IMG_2810A persicaria – labelled as ‘pink’ so I can’t add any further information.  It goes some way to my getting persicaria into the garden but I am on the hunt for some of the dark red ones.  I planted it next to the salvia ‘Blush Pink’ bought earlier in the summer and I hope they will be happy soul  mates.


IMG_2808I singularly failed to record the other great gardening activity of the weekend which was the apple picking.  It was a smaller crop this year, both in numbers of apples and size.  Some were little bigger than a golf ball but as they all go for juicing they were all picked.  In about a week I will know how many bottles this year’s harvest produced.  The bent double apple tree of a few weeks ago is now nearly horizontal so I took a picture of that!


IMG_2819Every week I think about including this Cleome ‘Senorita Carolina’ in the six but for some reason it stays on the sub’s bench.  This week it makes it into the team.  I really don’t know why it has taken me so long, it’s been flowering like this all summer.  The real colour is slightly less vibrant than captured here.  It’s a tender plant so if the winter is anything like last year I shall probably lose it.


IMG_2812Just coming into flower is the Anemone ‘Honorine Jobert’.  Earlier in the year its poor leaves were scorched by the sun but as the season moves on it’s site is more in the shade where the splash of white shines through.


Also adding some brightness are the self seeded calendulars that spring up around the garden.  The insects seem to like them too.  The ones on the veg patch are dropping seed and new plants are already growing.


IMG_2817Given the size of the apples this year I was surprised and impressed by the persimmon fruits.  They are much larger than last year and although I am not a great fan of the fruit I do enjoy their orange colour as they ripen in November.

That’s my six for the week.  There are plenty more to view at The Propagator.  If you stop off there I recommend you also read his Garden Blogger’s Hierarchy of Needs a brilliant summary of what gardeners do and why they sometimes post and sometimes don’t. I hope you all find time to garden this weekend – that’s the important bit.

22 thoughts on “Six On Saturday: Changing seasons

  1. I’m going to throw my hat in the ring with Persicaria bistorta ‘Superba’. Confidence level low. I haven’t seen any of those Senorita Cleomes around this year, may have missed the boat. I’ve grown ‘Senorita Rosalita’ in the past and it was fantastic.


    • I have serious expectations of my anemone turning into a bully – I need it to fill the generous space I gave it. Second year in the ground so I suppose it has time. I think The Prop said something about three years to really get going. I forget the lovely phrase he used 😦


  2. That apple tree needs some serious pruning this winter! That persimmon looks like the popular ‘Fuyu’. Are they uncommon there? Some of the persimmon trees that I know of were planted by someone who moved here from somewhere else because they thought that (Japanese) persimmon was distinctly Californian.


    • You might be pleased to hear that farm where I take the apples to be juiced recommended a ‘pruner’ to me and he is coming in October to give me a price – I decided I needed a professional to look at the trees and my overgrown figs. My pruning is too timid! I think Persimmon are uncommon here – other than in the supermarkets.

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      • It is sad that old fashioned ‘tree surgeons’ are so rare now. Orchards used to be the main industry here in the Santa Clara Valley. There are more than a million people in San Jose now, but I can not think of anyone other than a few arborists who know how to prune fruit trees.


  3. I have a persimmon I grew from a cutting, but it’s an ornamental. I love the Fuyu ones that you can eat while they’re firm, but not the squishy ones. Anemones are great, especially the white in a shady spot.


    • Thank you – apples are for juice, but cider is possible. I returned home to message that there are 35 bottles awaiting collection – smaller crop than last year but I didn’t water any of the trees so I can’t complain!

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  4. So envious of your persimmons! I love them but finding the right time to pick them is not easy. They could be too much or not ripe enough … About the cleomes, I hope you have seeds for next year!
    Same question than Carrotsandcalendula : Is it apple juice or cider on the way?


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