Six On Saturday: It was nice to see Nice

I’m just back from a week in Nice, France and so I am giving you six things from there.  Some of these did give me ideas for my garden here and others are just interesting plants. So here for your pleasure are the sun soaked gardens of Nice.


IMG_2834From the Albert 1er gardens just off the Promenade des Anglais.  A great selection of tropical plants, all of which were unknown to me except under the vague heading of palms or cactus like things.  This one did have an information board close by so I can tell you it is Asparagaceae Dasylirion Longissium LEM. or Totem du Mexique.  Frost resistant to -12 degrees apparently.


IMG_2855From a sun baked border at the Musee Matisse in Cimiez.  A mixture of the familiar and the exotic.

On leaving the museum we ventured into an olive grove park and from there up some steps to a monastery where we were rewarded by the sight of the beautiful gardens of the monastery which were open to the public.  The last three of the six all come from this garden.


IMG_2861I have long wondered if I should incorporate some grasses into the garden and I love this combination.  Does anyone knows what the planting is?  I don’t think it would fit the scale of my garden but it was so light and feathery that it did go on the ‘in my dreams’ list!


img_2862.jpgMore beautiful grasses and ?  I hope the photo is clear enough for you to put forward suggestions.



A view of one of the long borders looking great at this time of year and a detail shot.


IMG_2856A riot of colour to end on.  I wish I could get my garden to look like this in September! Maybe this is the result of good deep borders and planting for height.  Something for me to consider.

I hope Mr Prop will allow the deviation from the rules – I seem to remember holiday snaps are allowed. I also hope everyone is enjoying their garden at this time of year.  On my return I did find the roses and verbenas still going strong and the asters beginning to open up so there was much to appreciate.

15 thoughts on “Six On Saturday: It was nice to see Nice

    • Thanks so much for the id. I do have a hot spot in a west facing corner where my phlox have wilted very badly in the heat and I might be able to squeeze the gaura into a south facing border but not the grass – which was such a great combination in the sunlight. Some research to be done on the grasses – RHS say pm is a spreading grass, ominous!


  1. The white and the pink are definitely Gaura (or whatever they are calling themselves these days), they do look lovely with grasses. I think the only way to have borders for all seasons is to have long, wide ones. Which I don’t have so I am having to be content with spring and summer as my main seasons. Which is fine by me, it is when I love being outside anyway 🙂
    PS I am often using photos from other gardens. Needs must and all that 🙂


    • Yes Gaura – which have featured in other people’s sixes before but I was a little uncertain as to whether they would make an impact. I was completely smitten by their loveliness in the monastery garden and I am now a convert – no pun intended!! I think I have a space for them but perhaps not the grasses 😦


  2. I would say Gaura too.
    I hope you had a good time there. You must know that I never went to Nice !! I’m French and I went to Monaco, Marseille and the Riviera but never to Nice. Thank you for showing us this beautiful part of France.


  3. Gaura’s getting a bit splash this week & is one I’m thinking about for next year. From comments I’ve read on several SoS’s this week, I’m not alone in this (& I think you’re one of the throng, if I’m not mistaken).
    We shall all compare notes in 2019, I suspect.


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