Six On Saturday: Temptations resisted?

The first temptation has been resisted.  Having spent last weekend removing slugs from the border, it put me in mind of the children’s song about worms ‘Big fat juicy ones, Tiny little squiggly ones’ and I was tempted to post six varieties of slugs.  But we’ve all had enough of them haven’t we?

I was also tempted to post six geraniums or six roses.  I think I’ve also bought at least six new plants in the last month – temptations not resisted.  I decided to mix it up:



A rose and geranium combination in recognition of the arrival of June.  The rose is Gertrude Jekyll, so beautifully scented.  It really does fill the air with perfume.  The geranium is Brookside.  This is definitely asserting itself this year, the long stems thread round the other planting giving height to the border.  The RHS say stems are reasonably short at 50 cms but I would say medium height.



A rose and lavender combination and one of the new plants bought.  The rose is Natasha Richardson, opening pink and fading to a pale pink.  I was wondering what to underplant it with and eventually realised that the French Lavender living next door looked a good combination so I bought one more to plant towards the front.



A geranium on its own.  The eye popping Geranium psilostomen, also in its second year and achieving an impressive height.  It is pretty much self supporting although I have put a hoop in on the path side to keep it in its place.



Another new plant: Salvia Armistad.  Featured more for the slug damage to the lower leaves.  I did wonder if this will survive a winter in my clay soil but decided to try it out.  On second thoughts it might not survive the summer if the slugs keep munching it.  I am going to try nematodes.



Last year I extended my collection of Astrantias.  I added Roma to the border.  It’s not come through as pink as I was expecting but I will give it time to settle.  It’s subtlety might be what the border needs.  I’ve already decided the geum in the back needs to be moved. Pink and yellow is not my favourite combination.


I can’t resist the temptation to revisit one of last week’s six.  I must say thank you to  Jim Stephens  John Kingdom and Tony Tomeo  who gave me advice on the two tier rhododendron.  With their help I’ve discovered that my ancient plant is the invasive, common R. ponticum.  I’ve been up the ladder to take a photo of the the top tier which is now in flower and I think the top and bottom are the same, that is, it is not a more rarefied rhoddie grafted on to the ponticum root stock. It’s quite a monster and dominates that side of the garden so it does need to be tamed a little.  I think I’ll be getting help with that one.  The first photo is the bottom flower, the second the top tier flower, the third the whole tree and the fourth the tree as is looked last week.

Each new Six On Saturday post brings new temptations, this week a rose on  Thomas Stone’s blog  has caught my eye.  On the list for the autumn temptations!  Be tempted at The Propagator’s blog where you’ll find links to all the Sixes.

21 thoughts on “Six On Saturday: Temptations resisted?

  1. You have some wonderful combos there! Roses are best with other plants I think. Hide their bare bottoms. 🙂 The Geranium psilsotomen is one of my, if not the, favourite geranium. Such an amazing colour, but as you say, quite exuberant. Which can be good, or bad, but mainly good. Your garden looks lovely.

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      • I have been compiling a list of ‘so-called’ S&S resistant plants. And I stopped trying to grow veggies. They seem to ignore herbs, heucheras, fuchsias and penstemons too.

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      • Yes. I realised that in my old garden I had whittled the planting down to those that could survive but in the new garden which needed replanting I have not invested wisely!! Only yesterday I ordered some Veronica which I later saw needs protection from slugs. Aargh. I do like penstemons and have added several – more needed perhaps.

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      • I had a list of plants I wanted to buy for my new garden, but the list has dwindled due to the S&S factor. Funny thing is that when I last had a garden, coming up to 16 years ago, in Doncaster, I cannot recall any problems with them. Very sandy soil there though so maybe that’s why.

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  2. I’m tickled that you got some great help from fellow gardeners on Six! That’s just what this world needs. Your astrantia is what my new babies (first time with astrantias!) aspire to be one day. And that geranium truly is an eye popper.

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  3. That geranium is certainly eye catching! I like the astrantia, am trying to grow from seed this year, darker varieties. Only a few have germinated so not too hopeful I’ll nurse any through to planthood.

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  4. I have taken your title this week as my motto. ‘Orrible roses, got lots of geraniums, don’t want more. Already got that Salvia (which is happy in my heavy clay soil but (scratching head) no slug damage yet). So I don’t want any of your plants. Who am I kidding? I quite fancy that Astrantia. Got a lot of shades from white to deep red but not that delicate pink. Now where’s my lawn removing tool ……….

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