Six On Saturday: Branching out

I foresee blue sky photos for this week’s sixes.  And about time too!  Here are mine.


IMG_2252The trees in the garden are beginning to put on a show.  First up is the persimmon tree.  There was a bumper crop last year but I’m not a fan.  I inherited it with the garden and it does look fabulous in winter when the leaves have dropped and the orange fruits remain.


IMG_2255I also inherited a number of apple trees and here is some delightful apple blossom from one of them.   Again, there was a bumper crop last year, we don’t store the apples and there are only so many we can eat so the majority of them are taken off for juicing.  We are still drinking the 2017 vintage.


IMG_2258The leaves on the fig trees are just opening.  Not such a good year for figs for me last year and the squirrels always get the best of them.  I managed to bag a handful!



IMG_2257And after my winter pruning efforts  it is always a great relief to see new leaves on the vine.  It does produce grapes but so far they have split before we get the chance to taste them.  The grape variety is Black Muscat, which I understand is also known as Black Hamburg.  Again, I was fortunate enough to inherit this well established vine which shades the pergola.


IMG_E2256There is a great foaming wave of Choysia in one sunny corner of the garden.  It’s perfectly lined up with a view from the window.  Many thanks again to the previous owner.


IMG_2250Finally, all my own work!  The white triumphator tulips are still hanging on and are a great companion to the irises that have just begun to flower.  There is also a glimpse of the almost open allium ‘purple sensation’ – something for next week!

Wishing you all a great gardening weekend – and the extra day in the UK.  More time to read all the sixes on show at The Propagator’s blog. Blue skies all the way.

22 thoughts on “Six On Saturday: Branching out

  1. I was once lectured that Black Hamburg won’t fruit outdoors. Admittedly I never get to eat any of my grapes – the blackbirds take them just before they’re ripe enough to pick. And now I’ll be pacing up and down the corridor worrying that mine isn’t showing any sign of leafing yet.


    • Sorry to be the cause of anxiety!! I’ve just written a long comment on your post only to have it wiped because my wordpress login has expired. Aarghh! I will rewrite it soon…ish! Lovely hellebores though!


  2. Love the blue sky backgrounds. We have all been waiting long enough. Now in the Mid-Atlantic region of the US we are on our way from a cold wet spring that seemed unable to end to temperatures in the 90’s. At least the humidity is not here…..YET.

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  3. Good idea to have taken pictures with this beautiful blue sky that we have these days ….
    Your vine looks old and is beautiful: I hope the birds won’t eat the almost ripe grapes in a few months (as blackbirds and thrushes have stripped mine ( and also my figs) …Sometimes I think I basically grow plants for mammals and birds in my garden …😂)

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