More rain but a new project is in the planning

A new border was created in the garden last November.  What was really not more than some space under a hedge was widened to allow for some roses to be planted.  Three Darcy Bussell and one Jaqueline du Pre.  It’s going to be a very cultured bordered.  A mixed planting of tulips was also added and these have just flowered.

IMG_2234 (2)

The tulips are Angelique, China Town – with the white edged leaves and Spring Green.  You  may also have spotted a couple of rogues!  If Queen of Night could ever be called a rogue.  I’ll have to try to lift those two very carefully and relocate them.

After the border was extended two new paths were laid this year and I can now walk down the garden and round to the compost heap in relative safety.

The edges have been filled with soil and weeding, in between the regular bouts of rain, is an ongoing task.  But as parts of the garden begin to take shape others are calling out for some attention.

The walk round to the compost heap leads to the back of the garden which is given over to an assortment of gyo spaces.  There are some very productive soft fruit bushes: gooseberries, blackcurrants, raspberries and loganberries, and other beds that have been allocated to allotment staples such as potatoes, onions, parsnips and carrots.  There is also this.


Anyone familiar with The Rivendell Garden blog might understand why I have come to think of this as my very own edifice.  It bears no comparison to John K’s beautiful structure and nor will it be home to such an impressive collection of plants.  But there are plans to beautify it.

It is in two sections separated by a gap which was, on arrival, half full of garden rubble.  A year or so later and I have nearly filled it with all the various bits and pieces that I have come across as I dig, dig, and dig in my futile attempts to rid the garden of weeds.


The bag of sand to the right comes in handy for preventing miniature rock falls.

I have decided the time has come to take the situation in hand.  The cardboard that had been used to suppress the weeds has been removed.  I’ve dug it over, making good friends with Tony Toad in doing so. Now one half is covered with a good length of black weed suppressing membrane and the other is providing home to some perennials due to be moved out to the main garden, when it stops raining.  A recent trip to a nearby fencing supplier provided me with the inspiration.  I decided I could face the whole thing in timber slats and finish off the top edges with more wood to give me a solid top to work from.  No more wobbling on the frost shattered brick edges. Yippee!  I have got as far as receiving a quote for the work – for it is beyond my meagre skills – and all is looking good.  But guess what? My chosen supplier is behind with his work, due of course, to the rain! I’m in the queue, patiently waiting my turn, and trying to keep on top of those weeds which are, like the toads, loving this weather.


12 thoughts on “More rain but a new project is in the planning

  1. you have many projects in your garden since this development. I also have a selfmade edifice (not as beautiful as John’s you’re right) in which I put all my leftovers of soil, the cuts after the shredder, the mowing grass … and since then I planted there all my raspberries !

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