Six on Saturday: The race is on

Aah, what a gentle occupation gardening is.  Full of quiet moments pottering among the flowers, pulling carrots, picking strawberries.  Or are you, like me, engaged in the mad dash to get it all done before June!


The cold and the rain delayed much of my gardening efforts but this week I finally finished cutting back the hydrangeas.  In my defence there are seven of them and only three have been waiting patiently.  Here you can see that the first flowers are forming.


Seed sowing for vegetables is happening almost daily.  Leeks, carrots, red cabbage, spring onions, climbing french beans are all in the greenhouse. Some carrots have been direct sown along with parsnips, radishes and lettuce.  The rocket sown in February is now out in the ground. And the last of the potatoes – Sarpo Mira and Belle de Fontenay have finally been planted.  Phew!


The onions and shallots planted out in November are enjoying some warmth.  I have been very interested to see that many people plant their onions in modules and don’t move them outside until later.  I am going to try this next year.  I did protect these against the birds but that was all removed this week.


Seed sowing for flowers is ongoing.  The teeny tiny seeds of antirrhinum White Giant have produced teeny tiny leaves.  Tithonia and nasturtium look a little stronger, but does that mean finding time for potting on?  Zinnias and calendulars have pushed through.  But I have yet to sow any cosmos! How is this possible I ask myself?  I’m not panicking.  Last year I direct sowed some in early May and planted some in modules as late as the end of April . . . Ok,  brief panic!


It has felt a little frantic but it is important that we take ‘time to stand and stare’ and I have really enjoyed the tulip display, the result of a mass November planting.  These are Queen of Night, Shirley, Barcelona and Violet Beauty.  I love them!


And these are Angelique – a pink double, Spring Green – a viridiflora and China Town – a shorter viridiflora with white edged leaves, beautiful.  These were quite tightly planted in two groups in a new border to leave space for some bare root roses that were arriving later.  There is definitely room to spread them out a little, which is the plan, unless of course, I am tempted by some lovely perennials that I know will be featuring in a couple of local plant sales in May.  Have space, will fill it!

And whilst standing and staring I noticed the irises and alliums are just about to open, and the first strawberry flowers are showing.  Oh yes, we will soon be pottering!

If you’d like to stare at a few more Six On Saturday posts stroll over to The Propagator’s  blog for all the links.  Sit back and enjoy the display.





27 thoughts on “Six on Saturday: The race is on

  1. I found that the spur to really get on with the spring chopping back and tidying up was to join the local council’s green waste recycling scheme. My compost daleks are full of nice crumbly stuff ready for the container planting and I don’t want to add anything to them just yet. But having paid for the recycling containers I’ve been damned certain I am going to fill them! I never sow Cosmos till the beginning of May – earlier sowings always produce overly-leggy young plants.

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  2. Great six ! I love your border path with all these tulips ! And don’t worry about cosmos seedlings, I just sowed mine last Monday and they start showing me « the tip of their nose » ( literally a translated french expression but I think it might be ok in English )

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    • I did choose the tulips deliberately – well I had some help from twitter friends. I knew I wanted Queen of Night and Shirley and I wanted two more to go with them and the wonderful people at Ulting Wick suggested Barcelona and Violet Beauty. I think those two really make it. For the other group I knew I wanted Angelique and Spring Green and I managed to find China Town when looking through the online sites.


  3. Goodness! Everyone else has tulips to show off! Someone else had nasturtium seedlings too. Is that to protect them from snails and slugs? I have never grown them like that. They just get sown directly.


  4. Lovely tulips. I planted my cosmos last week but none have germinated yet; it’s just too cold. I think I’m going to bring them in the house actually. Like you, I seeded straight into the garden last year and they did well but I need to get cracking as I said I would have some plants ready for the school plant sale in late June! Eek…..ah well, they will have to make do with tomato plants!

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