Six On Saturday: Almost all tulips

It seems that when I write these SOS posts the mornings are chill and grey. The tulips are persuading me that things are better than I think so all praise to the tulip today. Here’s my six with two non-tulips for a little variety.


The second wave of tulips has begun, so I go back to re-visit the early flowering ‘World Friendship’ which is now joined by a white form, forgive me but I can’t remember if these are ‘White Triumphator or ‘Nicolas Heyek’. It’s one or the other!


These tulips grow at the slightly shadier end of the long border where the white ‘Purissima’ flourish. This is a collection of ‘Shirley’, ‘Queen of Night’, ‘Violet Beauty’ and ‘Barcelona’. ‘Queen of Night’ is a late flower, so these have yet to arrive.


Now for a sudden burst of sunshine. I took this photo earlier in the week when the light was shining through these, making them glow like boiled sweets. These are my miscellaneous collection of tulips bulbs that came as a free add on with another bulb order. They have proved to be wonderful performers. I have no idea what they are!


Back to a shadier part of the garden, well in fact the veg plot. I planted the edge of path with a Sarah Raven mix of ‘Mariette’ (pink lily shaped), ‘Lasting Love’ (triumph, pinky red), ‘Ballerina’ (Lily orange) and ‘Sarah Raven’ (Crimson, lily flowered). Only the last two have opened up so far.


So goodbye to the tulips for now and back to fritillaries. This beautiful white one has appeared and looks magnificent. The self seeded regular fritillaries are appearing against a wall, a dry and sunny spot. This white one is a mystery as I haven’t planted a white variety so maybe the birds have been generous again?


Another mystery is the appearance of this peony. Not something that I planted but a peony it definitely is and wonder of wonders is has a flower bud. This part of the garden was an overgrown bed of weeds when I arrived so possibly the peony has lain dormant for several years and has only now decided that conditions are favourable for flowering. I’m very grateful!

Slow progress is being made with the seeds sown in the greenhouse. Just one or two germinations from the cosmos but there are some encouraging signs of digitalis lutea making progress. I am pulling up sycamore seedlings every single day. Next weeks sees the great dig out begin: gone for the cistus, pittosporum and I think too, a large choysia. Great opportunities for new schemes. Watch this space! Another space to watch is Jim’s Garden Ruminations, wise gardening words and all the SOS links. Happy gardening.

16 thoughts on “Six On Saturday: Almost all tulips

  1. When the light shines through the tulips they look amazing, I like your boiled sweets! And how wonderful to have a peony appear just like that! My daughter (Surrey – clay soil) has lost quite a few plants this year due to the long lasting frosts. All her phormiums look dead.

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  2. The free add on came without names?! In a way, that is sort of excellent. Well, perhaps not for those with discriminating taste. I find that my taste is so boring, and sometimes limited to white bloom, that varieties selected by others are more fun.

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    • They may have had names, but I remember thinking Oh, these will any old mix so I’ll just hide them away at the back! You are right, I wouldn’t have chosen these colours, but they turned out to be a good mix.

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