Six On Saturday: Called back to the garden

Back after a week away in the sunny climes of Fuerteventura, Canary Islands. That’s two weeks away from SOS posts and the season has truly moved into Autumn. Benignly so far, some rain, some sun and generally mild temperatures. This causes me somewhat of a dilemma. The annuals are soldiering on but are occupying spaces earmarked for development. I’ll be busy moving things around. I have already culled the sunflowers and this weekend the zinnias are under threat. The greenhouse cucumbers that have delivered so well over summer are also going to the compost heap – the lack of a door on the greenhouse is beginning to take effect. Here’s six things that caught my eye on returning to the garden.


Before I left there was a new flower stem on the evergreen agapanthus. It has opened. It’s shorter than a summer stem but the colour is just as strong. I also spotted a couple of new flowers on the rhododendron and the clematis ‘Etoile Violette’.


Also delivering on a promise to flower are the dahlias ‘David Howard’. Seriously late in my opinion but nevertheless much appreciated. I like the colour, height and foliage very much. Could this be a contender for a regular dahlia in the garden? There is one paler flower on the stems. Will the orange come through or is this a one off? I’ll keep an eye on it and let you know.


I’m also impressed by the staying power of this heuchera. Lovely dark foliage and strong pink flowers. I’m hoping I can divide it soon and increase the display.


The rose for this week is ‘Jaquline du Pre’. Really quite delicate, gently suffused with peachy pinks. Quite wonderful.


The zinnias under threat are making a strong case for a reprieve. I’ll see if I can work round them for another week.


Every year I grow some nicotiana ‘Whisper’ seeds, intending to have a solid block of colour. This year the drought really gave them a tough time and they struggled to get going. Some didn’t make it but those that did add a welcome splash of colour in a shady border.

At this time of the year the garden becomes very shady. The trees that surround the garden are still in leaf and the low sun doesn’t get above them until mid to late morning. The garden is wet with dew and overnight rain so it will be a soggy place in which to work. But the soil is workable now so I need to get out there and prepare for next year. Compacting the soil is a worry but needs must.

In other news: Mr P, who is to be eternally thanked for his hosting of this meme, is stepping down. Very many thanks Mr P for all you have done in developing this amazing group. The baton passes to Jim of Garden Ruminations, an amazingly generous garden blogger whose warm personality is so evident in his posts and comments. Thank you, Jim, for keeping us all going.

15 thoughts on “Six On Saturday: Called back to the garden

  1. This nicotiana really has an pretty colour. I had one giving this kind of flower but a pale colour. On my wish list.
    Amazing heuchera also which, at this season, brings colour to the gardens. I
    hope you didn’t catch a cold when you got back from the Canary Islands. The agapanthus was there to tell you that the weather is still nice further north. But how long…..

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  2. That heuchera is very nice with the deep pink flowers, any chance you know the name? And you still have lots in flower in your garden, hard to believe it is mid October. I have grown Nicotiana in the past, but not in this garden, maybe next year I’ll have a go for my patio pots. Like you my garden is very shady at this time of year – there is a large barn on my southern boundary and the sun is low, it will be even worse over the next couple of months.

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  3. One of my agapanthus did that, but only one, out of thousands. It was amusing. All Agapanthus are evergreen here, but not likely because of the climate. I suspect that the deciduous sorts just are not popular here.

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  4. You’re very kind, thank you. My Dahlia ‘Karma Choc’ has produced a few flowers that are far lighter than normal and one or two where parts of the flower are lighter. When I say lighter I mean bright red instead of nearly black. Chimeral perhaps.

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