Six On Saturday: Beautiful times

It’s been a perfect week for sorting out the garden. Warm weather, some rain and more importantly some time available. My main objective was to sow green manure seeds on the veg plot. This year it is a mix of Westerwolds Ryegrass and Vetches (Winter Tares), courtesy of Sow Seeds and I thank fellow seasoned SOSer Garden Ruminations for this contact. This was much cheaper than buying packets of seeds from the local garden centre. Elsewhere I continued the fight against cinquefoil weeds, a thankless task, and I’ve started preparing the way for the renovation of two small corners of the garden. Here’s this week’s six.


I can’t believe I forgot to include this last week. The apples were juiced and the results have been collected. This year gave us 63 bottles which is double last year’s quantity. This is the output of six apple trees. Some of the apples were smaller than usual due no doubt to the low rainfall. Of the six trees, two are well established trees, the other four are more recently planted but are at least six years old.


The roses are benefitting from the rain, this is ‘Tess of the D’Urbervilles’, which had a poor summer struggling with the drought. It’s good to see it putting on a late show. One of my renovation corners will feature a new David Austin rose, the sumptuous looking ‘Lady of Shalott’. I’m a creature of habit and can’t resist a new rose if a new space allows.


The annuals also struggled to get going over July and August but they sat patiently waiting and are now filling up the spaces for an autumn finale. This is antirrhinum ‘Chantilly Velvet’.


Drought has affected the height of the autumn stars. This sedum is about half the height it normally reaches but it did survive unwatered so I won’t complain.


In a strange out of season quirk, also I suspect due to the summer weather conditions, I have a new flower spike on the evergreen agapanthus. It will be a late treat if it manages to open out.


In more seasonal growth the cyclamen hederifolium have demonstrated their resilience. In a truly neglected corner of the front garden in dry shade they have produced these delicate flower heads. Small but perfectly formed. Lovely.

It looks like another blue-sky September day, I have one last courgette to pick before they are cleared. This will leave me with French beans, parsley, basil and the last of the cucumbers before the veg plot is wrapped up for winter. I’m not a grower of winter veg, just the parsnips to look forward to. Don’t forget to stop by Mr P’s plot/blog for his SOS and for all the links to other SOS posts. Happy Gardening.

13 thoughts on “Six On Saturday: Beautiful times

  1. Apple juice is what I should do with the excess quantity I have here… So I have to find someone who can juice them for me.
    Surprising this flower of Agapanthus which arrives this season, I hope that it will open and that you will be able to benefit from it!

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  2. Agapanthus is confused. I almost got a picture of one of ours that is doing the same. I suppose that if only one out of thousands does so, it is not too weird. Will it actually bloom in your climate? If ours bloom this late, the bloom lasts a good long time. It just looks weird out of season, and while none of the others are blooming.
    Cyclamen hederifolium is pretty in white. I had been wanting to grow some for a while, but when I finally met some, found that they can spread a bit more than I am comfortable with. The flowers are pale lavender. I would prefer white.

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  3. How fabulous to have your own apple juice! And cinquefoil weeds have been driving me mad this last week – I neglected to keep on top of them last year and they have run riot all through the bee and butterfly bed. I think I am going to have to completely clear that in order to get rid of it.

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