Six On Saturday: Wildlife, don’t you just love it?

I do love the pair of goldfinches that come regularly to the bird feeder now, and the nuthatches that remind me of Robin, the boy wonder. But don’t get me started on the squirrels who run along the top of the garden wall and perch there so cutely whilst eating the rosebuds. But worst of all is the fox. A regular visitor to the garden who feels so at home that when, last week, our paths crossed he merely looked briefly in my direction, seemed to nod politely and strolled on. Clearly he was soon back again for a night out in the garden, not managing to find the gents loos and so pooing randomly in several spots and then using the back newly planted flower bed as the dance floor. The hydrangea ‘Limelight’, so carefully nurtured from a dead looking stick in March to a lush and verdant shrub in May was decimated. Bah! Humbug! I say. Extra security has been put in place.


The poor ‘Limelight’ is now fenced in until it gets a little sturdier, perhaps the fox will find a new route home. I am on the verge of ordering a generous helping of Scoot which may or may not deter the fox. I fear the route through the garden is a favourite one as he is regularly spotted strolling through the veg patch and nimbly jumping the fence.


Once I had recovered from that outrage I discovered a further disappointment. The ‘Mount Everest’ alliums are looking very shabby. This happens every year but this clump looks very sad and without any sign of a flower spike. Luckily others in the border have sent up stems otherwise it really would have been a bad week.


On to happier sights, the geranium phaeum is romping away. Now happily seeding itself, perhaps to such an extent that I may need to do some thinning. But for now I’m enjoying the deep purple flowers.


Even after four years in this house I am still a little neglectful of the front garden but glancing out of the window one morning I thought this sweet woodruff and bluebell combination looked particularly fine. These are on the dry shady side of the front garden where only the strong survive.


Next door to the sweet woodruff I am trying out geranium macrorrhizum ‘Bevan’s Variety’. Planted out in 2020 and so far so good. Billed as spreading to half a metre – one metre I shall be very happy if it achieves that.


Allium ‘Purple Sensation’ is just opening out. The die back on these leaves is less noticeable as the foliage of other plants disguises it. Gradually the garden moves on towards summer.

In other news, the San Marzano tomato plants look as though they have caught cold, they may not survive. The courgettes and extra cucumbers have germinated, and the carrots are a no show so far but I think I have spotted one or two parsnip seedlings. I have spotted flower buds on the Totally Tangerine, whilst the Prop’s (our delightful host for SOS) continues to shine brightly. All other SOS posts can be found on the Prop’s site, stop by and enjoy the ever more colourful gardens on show.

12 thoughts on “Six On Saturday: Wildlife, don’t you just love it?

  1. it’s a really weird year because of the weather and the temperatures …, lots of late vegetables with drooping leaves and heads down … I’ll wait a bit before starting sowing again or planting again , we never know.
    I’ve also liked this week in your Six the alliums which are there a little ahead of those of the North of France. Everything is possible…

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  2. Best of luck outwitting the fox – we had a well worn path in our garden when we moved in, just for Mr Fox, and when I blocked the gap in the hedge, he just made another one further down! We have many of the same plants – G. phaeum, sweet woodruff, alliums, and also G. M. Bevan’s variety – this formed a patch of about 5x5m here originally, but we hacked it back to make our terrace. The white form, Spessart, is also lovely and equally happy in dry shade – tough plants!

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  3. Foxes remind me of the sort that well dressed ladies wore when I was a tyke. The common gray fox is very uncommon here. I have never heard of them causing any problems, although they cause damage that someone else gets blamed for just because no one would think of blaming a fox. Do they behave more like kitties than dogs?

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  4. The Woodruff/Bluebell combo works really well. I planted a couple of new (to me) Allium varieties last autumn. They were good sizes bulbs but several seem to be blind, despite putting out lots of leaves. Very disappointing. We occasionally have a fox in the garden but he just seems to come in for a drink in the froggy pond then leaves again.

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