Six On Saturday: I’ve got sunshine on a rainy day

Forgive the slight tweak of The Temptation’s lyric but it is definitely raining here. Fortunately I managed to get some gardening done yesterday, moving round one small corner border that had been niggling me for a while, sowing the second row of parsnips and radishes and direct sowing some seeds for the cut flower patch. I’m hoping to ride the wave of this weekend’s rain followed by warmth. The sunshine in this six comes from earlier in the week.


Sunny, bright and bold. These were not my choice of tulip combination, they came free with a bulb order. I can’t say I even wanted to plant them but I used them to line a short path to the veg plot and they haven’t done too badly.


Much more in line with my preferred tulip is ‘Angelique’ a double which can sometimes be a little OTT but hiding in amongst the thalictrum it is just right.


Last of the tulips for this week is one of my favourites. ‘Spring Green’. I have it planted with ‘Angelique’, with ‘World Friendship’ and in a trio with ‘Ronaldo’ and ‘Negrita’ Here the petals are just catching the light as the sun moves round the garden.


Back into the sunshine. The camassias that were planted into very wet ground last autumn have pulled through. These are camassia leichtlinii caerulea, they should reach a metre high. I’d say they are a little off that at the moment!


My one container of potatoes has come into leaf and so it is time for the first top up of compost. These were planted a few weeks after those that went in the ground but they have come through at the same time. Those in the ground may have been planted deeper.


The onion sets started in modules went into the ground this week and are I’m sure they will be enjoying the steady stream of magic water that is forecast for this morning.

The water butts are almost full, the earth looks well soaked and warmer weather is on its way. The slow start to the growing season seems to be ending and summer lushness is on its way. Yes, we finally have the month of May.

Don’t forget to tune in to The Propagator’s page for more SOS posts from around the world. Happy Gardening.

22 thoughts on “Six On Saturday: I’ve got sunshine on a rainy day

  1. Yes to the lovely guard of honour tulips on the way to the veg plot! I also greatly admire your yellow and blue patch with the camassias. A gorgeous combo.

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  2. It’s true that your camassias are paler than mine and seem to have a shorter flower spike. Yet it’s the same variety.
    Mine are in the full sun, in a heavy clay soil and seem to like it.
    Beautiful tulips (the first ones are gorgeous!) And good job for the onions, ready to be planted

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  3. At least your free tulips are flowering together, colour coordinated and of similar height. I wish my onions looked as good as yours; seedlings, they were so good last year and I did nothing different.

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    • I guess that’s the benefit of a free collection! The first year that the onions look good out on the plot but I have plenty of time to ruin my onions yet…enough of the pessimism. I will do better this year.


  4. Interesting for me to see how your onions are growing. I thought they grew altogether underground, which made me wonder how an onion sneaked into my garden and grew entirely on top of the soil, but I guess I had it wrong. I am an onion noob!
    Those camassias are v pretty.

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    • I’ve always followed advice that they should be planted up to their shoulders- which is sometimes difficult to judge. I think I read that green onions are grown fully underground – or did I imagine that???


  5. Why are onions grown in modules first? When I grew onion sets, it was so that they could go directly into the garden. (Actually, anything can go directly into the garden here.) Do onions mind frost?

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  6. I hope you don’t hate me, but I prefer those free tulips. The bright and bold ones are always so much more cheerful than the pale and pasty ones. I do like the camassia with the cowslips though and I shall move one of mine (cowslip) once everything has stopped flowering and I can cut the grass down.

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