Six On Saturday: Something old, something borrowed, something blue

The bulbs are popping up all over the place.  A ring of tete a tete around the persimmon tree, thalia in the front garden, and signs that the tulips planted a few years ago are still willing to have a go. Today the sun is shining and once again that promise of spring is in the air. Here’s my six for the first week of February.


Something borrowed and something blue in the same photo.  The blue is the wonderfully uplifting sky.  The borrowed is the winter flowering honeysuckle from my neighbour’s garden.  The scent from it wafted over last weekend as I relocated a blackcurrant bush.  Yes, I have finally done my first bit of real gardening for the year.  The heady perfume was an unexpected and very welcome treat.


Something new are these alliums.  This year I am trying out allium nigrum.  After a few years of growing Mount Everest I decided to add these into the mix.  The Mount Everest have a habit of disappearing for me.  Possibly due to the heavy clay soil.  I’ll see if these fare any better.


Something old.  The north border has a wall that runs along its length.  At the bottom end it is about 30cms high climbing upwards to the top end where it is about a metre high.  It’s a higgledy-piggledy mixture of  all sorts and not very attractive.  At the bottom end I am persuading the ivy to entwine around itself along the wall rather than out into the very tempting lawn.  Or back into the borders.  Ivy twining patrol is a regular task but I am gradually achieving my aim.


Further along the wall the moss is doing a grand job of covering the stones.


I’ve not starting sowing seeds this year but the autumn sowing of ammi visnaga is coming along nicely.  I have a plan to under-plant the wild black berries with these.  Isn’t it wonderful how brilliant these ideas look in the imagination.   We’ll see.


For February I have to include snowdrops.  Many gardens will be holding snowdrop days this month.  The NGS offers a list of gardens open for snowdrops and I hope to find one near me that I can visit.

Yes, gradually the gardening sap is rising, a gentle limbering up is called for and new inspiration propels me onward.  More inspiration will be found at Mr P’s site.  Links, comments and general good gardening cheer for all.

8 thoughts on “Six On Saturday: Something old, something borrowed, something blue

  1. Every year I say that, I have to add snowdrops in the garden. These are very pretty flowers, very varied. We don’t have many different varieties in France (unfortunately). I will have to order bulbs earlier and plant them to give the best effect next year.
    This honeysuckle in bloom with the blue sky is very pretty … A kind of “false spring” in January February. My honeysuckle (spring-summer one) has lots of new shoots.


  2. Your Ammi visnaga seedlings are looking really healthy and strong. I kind of like your idea of underplanting your blackberries with them. I grow Ammi visnaga each year and plant them amongst my roses. When your berries ripen, the contrast will look good.


  3. Allium nigrum look lovely, I had some white ones last year but I don’t know what they were, hope they come back again. And I am loving seeing everyone’s snowdrops this week. Yours look very neat. As does the lawn! It’s good to get out into the garden again isn’t it? I miss my daily pottering.


  4. Loved your first photo. Were you in your neighbour’s garden or can you see it from your side? That allium is really healthy looking. Can’t wait to see them in bloom.


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