Six on Saturday: Proper January cold

Blue skies and cold temperatures, the real January has arrived. On a walk round the suburban streets here I gently peeked into front gardens and spotted the first camellias opening up, beautiful sprays of red nandia berries and the delicate yellows of winter flowering honeysuckle. Blue Monday has passed and all is well. Inspired by what I had seen I looked more carefully at my garden and here’s what I found.


The first crocus is in bud, beautifully veined and full of the promise of butter cream flowers.


The cyclamen bought on the cheap a year ago have decided to flower, the white is delicately flushed with pink, just perfect.


The magnolia tree is in furry bud and some had even dared to open, perhaps a little too soon.  Temperatures for tonight are forecast to be lower and I’m hoping there won’t be too much damage done.


In expectation of cold weather the evergreen agapanthus have been fleeced since November but the fleece, in its second year of use, is crumbling away.  If anyone can recommend some more reliable fleece I’d be pleased to hear from you.  I’ve gathered this together and tied the top up with string.


In the greenhouse the temperature overnight on Friday just managed to stay above freezing.  I was thrilled to see the new growth on these rose cuttings that came all the way from  fellow SOSer, Fred in France.  I am very excited to think that I might have some beautiful white miniature roses soon.  Thanks Fred.


There are new buds on the cotoneaster villosus which, again, I have to hope won’t be crushed by frost.  So much excitement and so much jeopardy.  Is this why gardening is so thrilling?

Could this be the weekend the vine is pruned and the hellebores planted out.   Dry weather is forecast but will my fingers stay warm for long enough?   I’ll also have a look at the plans of other SOSers by visiting The Propagator, host of this meme and leader of the pack.  Happy gardening to all.


15 thoughts on “Six on Saturday: Proper January cold

  1. I’m very happy to see that the rose cuttings have started !! They all look good to me.
    About the fleece, I had the same problem: sometimes after a season, sometimes after two years. The qualities being very variable, I try to buy fleeces of 30g/m2. (“Nortene” brand in France)
    They last longer but are a bit expensive.

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  2. Can you be told too many times how beautiful that crocus is? Such an excellent design. I sending good vibes to your magnolia. If its opened, hopefully it’s protected enough. We had frost here last night, so maybe it’s already been tested. Will the flower stay yellow? Such a warm shade of it. And how fantastic that the rose cuttings have new growth! Little white roses, here you come.

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  3. Winterized agapanthus seems so . . . odd. They are popular because they are so easy to grow. They are really undemanding. I don’t know what I would do if they did not want to be out in the winter. I suppose I would grow something else instead.


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