Six On Saturday: Snow, sowing and growing

Clearly I have been spending too much time in the garden scouting out goodies for the Six On Saturday show.  I should have been cosy and warm inside reading the seed catalogues.  This has now been rectified and some seeds are on their way.  But it was the snow that arrived on  Wednesday.


Wednesday was also the day scheduled for the builder to come and destroy  the brick walls of the old compost heap.  Bless him! He did come and the walls are no more.  I have three wooden bins ready to be installed but they can wait for warmer weather.  It was good day despite the snow.  All the garden rubbish went into the skip plus plenty more from the house.  The builder did not get frostbite and I didn’t run out of tea or milk!


We moved to this house in 2016 and the garden was in need of a good weed and the addition of some new plants.  Each year another little patch of the garden gets my attention.  Last summer I managed to get this corner trellised and planted clematis armandii ‘Apple Blossom’.  It was a lovely surprise this week to see it putting on new growth and buds.


For some unknown reason I missed planting out shallots and autumn onions.  Last year’s weather and lack of watering on my part did not lead to a bumper crop and the last few from the store have gone soft and been consigned to the bin.  The shallots did store better and they have encouraged me to try again.  A visit to the nursery is now urgent if I am going to get some purchases made before they sell out.


I have been muttering for weeks that it is time to sow some sweet peas and as February approaches I feel that I might actually do it.  I find I always start talking about sowing sweet peas early but then actually do it a bit later.  These are my first two choices for this year but I am on the look out for a couple of extra packets, just in case.


It’s still too early for me to be sowing tomato seeds but this year I do have some!  Last year in a bid to increase the number of varieties grown but decrease the number of plants I limited myself to six plants bought from my local plant sale.  This year I want to try ‘Green Zebra’.  For more variety I chose this seed collection which gives ‘Marmande’,  ‘San Marzano 2’ and a new (for me) yellow variety to grow – ‘Golden Sunrise’.  The ‘Green Zebra’ had to be bought separately.  I’m also looking forward to trying ‘Tigerella’.


Here’s the compost area without it’s walls.  Once the bins are constructed I will see what tidying up I have to do round the edges.

All done for another week,  Mr P will be showcasing his goodies plus links to posts from around the gardening world.  Stop by and take a look.

23 thoughts on “Six On Saturday: Snow, sowing and growing

  1. Green Zebra tomatoes won’t disappoint you … Juicy, sweet and easy to grow. Just learn the right time to harvest them and don’t wait until they turn yellow or it will be too late.
    I’m looking forward to seeing the new wooden bins constructed

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  2. Congrats on the bricks going away, despite the snow — which looks pretty in your pictures. Great “art shot” of those shallot/onion bulbs — looks like it could be blown up into a nice print actually!

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  3. Loved the peek into your seed stores! Those all look like excellent selections. I just got my sweet peas in after a thorough soaking. I’ll attentively follow the progress of your compost area, as we are in need of a re-do.

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  4. I planted clematis armandii ‘Apple Blossom’ about 18 months ago and sadly it didn’t grow, which is rather annoying as it was an expensive plant and I didn’t keep a receipt. Lesson learned there.

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  5. I put off trying ‘Green Zebra’ for a long time because I dislike fads so, but once I tried it, I really did like it, although only for fresh eating. I do not know what else it is good for only because I have always eaten them before trying anything else. The varieties that I wan are increasingly difficult to procure because of all those that are trendy. Another one of the trendy ones I want to try is ‘Amish Paste’.

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