Six On Saturday: May delights

It’s Coronation Day in the UK so I’ll have to start with some red, white and blue. A rainy day is forecast which will be good for the garden but may spoil things elsewhere. Here’s my six this week.


The camassias are in flower now so headline the red, white and blue section. Completing the colour line up are the bellis daisies and some dark red tulips. Hip hip hooray!


I’m hoping this new euphorbia will cope with wet conditions. It’s e.palustris which seems to prefer damper conditions and is happy in part shade. I’m trying it out as a replacement for e. Wulfenii which I regularly lose over Winter. But of course this year the Wulfenii has self seeded itself in several interesting places, so I will see how they go.


I’m also hoping that the red onions will enjoy the showers. I said I wouldn’t grow them again as they are usually so small. These are looking healthy but those bulbs need to grow.


It’s May and on cue the narcissus poeticus var. recurvus or Pheasant Eye narcissus arrive. They will soon be found by the slugs so I will enjoy them while I can. They’ve been in border for about three years but struggle with the conditions. As yet I couldn’t honestly say they are forming clumps but I continue to hope.


Down in the shady end of the garden the tiarellas have arrived bringing some frothy lightness into the space.


‘Queen of Night’ tulips, the latest of those I grow, are here. They are so tall and stately. Always a sight to see.

Last week’s wail about slugs and snails struck a chord with everyone. Have I also mentioned the deluge of sycamore seedlings that I’m dealing with this year? I’ve been hand-pulling them in the borders which has got me up close to the soil and guess what lurks there? I collect them up and offer them to the toads in the compost heap. I hope the RHS will approve! Jim, our host of SOS, has been lucky enough to have extra help in dealing with the enemy – hedgehogs. Much envy! Happy gardening everyone.

17 thoughts on “Six On Saturday: May delights

  1. Sadly tiarellas and Pheasant Eye narcissus don’t seem to like my soil or the attention of the S&S. And even the Camassias seem to be struggling again this year. Bindweed and cleavers on the other hand are romping away!

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  2. How wide are the daisies? The straight species is a lawn weed in a park near here. They are tiny, but my favorite. We intentionally installed two cultivars into one of the landscapes here. One is red. The other is white. The flowers are fluffy and wide, but do not seem to be as wide as yours are. They always seem more billowy in pictures than in our landscapes.

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    • I have two types, one in a dampish place with half day sun and the others in a sunnier position. These ones are in their third year and are very tall this year. Perhaps they have enjoyed all the rain.


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