Six On Saturday: Flowers in the rain

Oh the agony of it all. The garden creeps forward so slowly. The March surge was a subtle stumble. The rain fell incessantly yesterday and the slugs had a feast. All week I had waited for the ‘Thalia’ to open and it was with delight that I went into the garden today to capture them in their gloomy glory. Beaten to it by squillions of slimy slugs. Decimated. Eaten. Aargh! Oh well. On we go, there are things to be celebrated and that is what will be done. Here’s six from the garden this week.


The front garden magnolia has opened up and manages to look moodily brilliant. Monday promises to be sunny and I know it will look fantastic then. But this is what it looks like today.


I am sharing the ‘Thalia’, with you, ragged edges and all. I try to keep slug favourites out of the garden but ‘Thalia’ and delphiniums always find a home here despite their appeal to the rampaging hoards.


Here are the tulips that I showed in bud last week. ‘Purissima’. They stood up to yesterday’s downpours and will also look glorious in Monday’s sunshine. Perhaps I can re-post this six on Monday with a back drop of blue skies.


I have been snipping away at this mahonia, name unknown, for a couple of years. Gradually bringing it back under control. It has responded well to my efforts and those of the winter weather. An undemanding and, I would say, indestructible shrub.


The fritillaries have also made their way into flower. It’s probably too cold for lily beetle but I’ll be on the lookout for them in the coming weeks.


The scilla also opened up this week, but this morning’s cloud was not encouraging them to show themselves so my final offering is the very pleasing new buds on one of the apple trees.

So April has arrived. I have trays of perennials waiting to be planted out, seeds to be sowed and weeds to be pulled. It may be a gradual start to Spring but it is happening and before we know it the garden will deliver its promise. Don’t forget to stop by Jim’s garden to see how things are coming along there, and to catch up on the links to other SOS posts. Happy gardening everyone.

14 thoughts on “Six On Saturday: Flowers in the rain

  1. I have noticed that some of my dwarf narcissus flowers have been nibbled , I had not connected that with slugs so I need to have a closer look, so far the Thalia have escaped, but they are only just opening. And I did not know that lily beetles attacked fritillaries! I am obviously a very ignorant gardener! Your magnolia looks magnificent, I’m surprised by that as the wind and rain has been relentless.

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  2. I’d certainly agree with the Mahonia being indestructible, we have the same one or something very similar, name long since lost, hanging on in dry shade amongst thuggish Anemone japonica. I just looked it up and I think it must be a cultivar of M. aquifolium, possibly ‘Smaragd’.

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  3. Mahonia used to fail to impress me. I notice it more in the Pacific Northwest now though, and can see why it is so popular. It is the State Flower of Oregon! I hope to be there in a few days, and was trying to get there prior to the apple bloom.

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  4. The magnolia is lovely. I hope the sun has arrived with you now. We have had some this afternoon and more expected tomorrow. The Purissima tulips are looking great and I actually prefer them before they open too wide in the sun.

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