Six On Saturday: Slim Spring pickings

It’s been a tough week. The weather is still cold, with warnings of cold winds from the North and the possibility of a snow flurry or two. The garden has an air of neglect as it patiently waits to burst forth. The heavy mulch that was put down in December is beginning to show cracks as new growth pushes through so I know that it is all just ready and waiting for the temperatures to rise. In the meantime there’s not too much on show. Here’s my six for this week.


These are the new shoots of Japanese anemones, forcing their way through a good layer of mulch. Strange to think that it will another five or six months before these are in flower.


Warming up for their appearance in May, new tulip shoots. These have been in this corner for several years now and a reasonable amount are coming back each year. I’m not one who treats them as annuals, preferring to leave them in peace for as long as possible and only topping them up when they are really thinning out.


Cold weather or not, the pulmonaria is coming into flower. This gets divided regularly, it puts up with complete neglect and happily offers its flowers to the early bees. One of those ‘taken for granted’ doers.


The cornus alba ‘Sibirica’, relatively new to the garden is putting out a good number of new buds. I’m following advice that recommends not cutting new plants back for the first two years. Once it is established it should have annual cut back in Spring


Last summer I planted out three lavenders in a large pot. ‘Munstead’, I think. Although I do really prefer ‘Hidcote’. They put on good growth last year and have come through winter unscathed. I think I chose ‘Munstead’ over ‘Hidcote’ as ‘Munstead’ is thought to be hardier. Seeing them looking nonchalantly content encourages me think about the summer warmth to come.


Lastly, so nearly there but probably still two weeks off opening, the almost ready to flower clematis armandii ‘Apple Blossom’. When this flowers I will know that the garden is really off and running again.

I’ve been shuffling seed packets, looking at my overwintered perennials sown from seed last year and planning out the veg patch. The gooseberries, other fruit bushes, and borders will be fed in the next few weeks as the weather warms up. I try to do that just before a good downpour of rain but there’s little of that in the forecast. I’m limbering up on the starting line ready to make that dash forward. But not just yet! If you are curious to see how other SOS gardens are doing, then stop by at Jim’s. He is our generous host and shares the links to other posts.

11 thoughts on “Six On Saturday: Slim Spring pickings

  1. I regret that my clematis armandii didn’t like winter 2019-2020 : it’s such an interesting and beautiful climbing plant. I need to find a new place to install an obelisk and replant one. I saw one this morning at the garden centre but they are still a bit expensive ( 30€ minimum around here)

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  2. I started some Japanese anemone from seed this winter. I am waiting to put them out in a shady spot that I have prepared. I love the Cornus. Our native Cornus florida is slowly disappearing from an untreatable disease caused by a boring insect.

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    • Good luck with the JAs. I took some root cuttings once which were successful but then I put them out into too border too early and they didn’t compete well with the other plants. I hope we don’t get that boring insect here!


  3. Oh, that clematis looks divine! I lost the only one I ever bought without it even flowering 😞 what growing conditions is yours in?
    And I apologise for running my fingers through your lavender, I adore the smell but I just cannot keep lavender here.

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    • Delighted to share the lavender. It is a treat. Interesting that you lost a c.armandii. Fred in France also lost his. Mine is in a sunny corner with a wall on one side and the back of a shed on the other, so quite sheltered. I did think it be a gonna this winter but it made it! Some brown leaves but on the whole okay.

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