Six on Saturday: On the edge

Two things are are conspiring to challenge this week’s six post. The first is that last night I was at the weird spectacle that is Abba Voyage. My head is now full of Abba songs and they do write a good chorus at least. So in an effort to clear my mind let me just say this: Gardening is never easy we know, but we have to grow. Sowing peas, sowing cues, ah ha! There. I hope that’s done it. The other challenge is that it is only mid February and the garden here is not being very forthcoming. There were several frosts last week but also some really mild days. There has also been talk of another cold spell at the end of February or early March so I am trying to reign in the eagerness to get going. I’m on the edge and so is the garden. Here’s this week’s six and I promise no more Abba songs will sneak their way in.


I made my first visit of the year to the garden centre to buy supplies. A large tub Fish, Bone and Blood, which is my go to general fertilizer, some Rose fertilizer, a packet of Parsnip seeds and then I gave in and bought three dahlia tubers. I planted ‘David Thomas’ in the garden last year. I am not a dahlia fan, but I do appreciate that they offer a rousing splash of colour, rather like Abba really, so I always give in and grow a few. I don’t lift dahlias overwinter but I fear that this winter may have done for those in garden so these are a security purchase.


The tête-à-tête daffodils are not quite open yet, one or two are in bud and these later purchases planted in pots have a few more weeks to go. It has been a dry few weeks so these had a watering can full to help them along.


I fear there are more gardening casualties. The fuchsia looks dead but may yet spring into life. The rock rose also looks pretty grim. I was happy to see signs of life at the base of the penstemons. But first prize goes to the osteospermum. Entirely unaffected by the winter onslaught.


I have to revisit the snowdrops, it is a February requirement. So here’s a drift of them in the north facing edge of the garden.


The anemone blanda are just braving it into flower, one more sign of the garden about to tip over the edge.


Last year I took a deep breath and cut back one or two branches on an old rhododendron. It is a tough one so I’m not sure why I was so apprehensive, but I was. I’m very happy to see these new shoots. Some gradual reshaping will be done again this year after flowering.

I am still snipping away the climbing roses. The major cut back has been done but there are always one or two lengths that can be better tied in or some forward growth that needs to be taken back. The green manure has been dug in and I have sown some chilli seeds in pots on a sunny (?) window sill. Slowly, slowly moves are being made. A bit like me on the dance floor!

For more gardening news stop by Jim’s garden, beautiful camellias, snowdrops and some seed sowing too. Plus all the links to the other SOS blogs. Mamma Mia, here we go again! (Sorry).

13 thoughts on “Six on Saturday: On the edge

  1. you are the Dancing Queen 🎵😂, or rather the Gardening Queen!
    Me too my fuchsias seem dead, I pruned them back on Thursday at but I prefer to leave them and wait for the new shoots , which should arrive in the spring. Nothing is lost.🤞

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  2. We do not need to dig dahlias either, but sometimes do so in order to divide them. That Anemone sure is blue! Is that the only one in the picture, or is that foliage that looks like columbine actually more of the same? It looks like an anemone bud in the middle.

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  3. I grow a snowdrop with the name of ‘Hippolyta’ and have driven my dear wife crazy over the last week with my Abba rendition of “Hippolyta, you and I know and there’s no way you can deny it” etc.

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  4. I love a bit of Abba. It sounds like great fun.
    Blood Fish and Bone is my go to fertiliser too. I still have a bag of Growmore that was left in the shed when me moved in over 10 years ago and I really ought to use it, but I don’t for some reason. The Anemone is such a great colour.

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