Six On Saturday: Mid January, I’m looking for the positives

It can be so difficult at this time of year to keep the positives in focus. Wild, wet and windy weather can be dramatic but the leaden skies feel heavy and not conducive to spending time in garden. This was another week when the roses did not get pruned and the raspberry canes suffered the same fate. There was a cheering moment when I spotted two female black caps on the bird feeder, their soft hues seem just right for the winter colour palette. But otherwise I was not optimistic about finding much in the garden to celebrate. I sighed and went out to see what I could offer up.


Starting small, and not very successfully captured, my first delight was spotting new growth on the hydrangeas. Look closely, in amongst the brown there are some small fuzzy dots of green. Every little helps.


Moving on. Little splashes of white on the iberis sempervirens. Another little nudge in the right direction


Showing promise of things to come. The one year in the garden, cornus alba ‘Sibirica’ with its startling red stems looks good now, but in a few years it should be offering up a much sturdier hit of mid Winter colour.


Heading round to one of the darkest, most inhospitable corners of the garden, this is the home of helleborus foetidus, the stinking hellebore. Also one year in the garden, it is offering up a good number of flower buds for future enjoyment.


Heading to the very back of the garden where I about two years ago I planted asplenium scolopendrium, the hart’s tongue fern. It’s looking rather gorgeous in the rain. This is definitely a shady spot, but I wouldn’t really say it’s a damp spot but the fern has settled in well.


Lastly, even though I struggle to maintain a quartet of euphorbia wulfenii in the main border, I do find that seedlings spring up with regular frequency. This one is from a transplanted seedling and those lovely lime green bracts are forming up well. When these open I will know that the Spring garden is under way.

I hope you can find some positive moments in your open spaces. Some SOSers will be sowing chilli seeds, others celebrating camellias. You can find out more by visiting Jim’s garden. He’ll have all the links to the SOS weekly blog posts, so take a stroll over there and see what’s occurring.

10 thoughts on “Six On Saturday: Mid January, I’m looking for the positives

  1. I still have lots to cut back including fuchsias, hydrangeas and clematis, but so far the weather has been against me spending more than a few minutes in the garden, I simply pull out a few of the hairy bittercress each time I head out to fill up the bird feeder!

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  2. Well, you got more than I did. I needed to skip out on Six on Saturday this week, now only because I lacked good horticultural pictures, but also because of an inability to send such pictures without internet service.

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  3. Your hydrangea is looking good with its new shoots, I have a horrible feeling that my favourite one is dead after the heat of last summer. My red stemmed cornus were unfortunately cut down by a new gardener by mistake in December, I’ll have to wait another year for my display!

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