Six On Saturday: Farewell November, farewell Autumn

Finally, the hose pipe ban has been lifted! I can’t think that I will be rushing out to water the garden any time soon, it has been drenched every other day throughout November. I have only just begun to plant a few tulips and a little tidying in the border has commenced. The regular downpours have served to show how infirm the potting shed greenhouse is. This one has a wooden frame and the apex has separated allowing rain to seep in. Sogginess abounds. Out in the garden things are pretty soggy too. Here’s six things I noticed this week.


I have just managed to complete a task that was long hanging over me. The scented leaf pelargoniums have been cut back, removed from their summer pots and moved to the potting shed greenhouse for the winter. I have overwintered these pellies for several years now and, dare I say it, I am just at the point where if they didn’t make it I wouldn’t be too sad. On the upside the potting shed and compost smell delightful at the moment.


There are just one or two splashes of colour in the garden at the moment, this little ray of coreopsis continues to send out new blooms.


The continual rain has more or less done for the roses. As each new flower arrives it is deluged by the next downpour. Here is ‘Gerturde Jekyll’ valiantly having a go.


Strangely the seed heads of eurybia are holding up. They caught my eye during a spell of border tidying and were spared the chop.


I may have mentioned that I’m just dipping my toe into growing grasses and this miscanthus sinensis ‘Silberfeder’ has done well in its first year. Slightly fuzzy flower heads as they are so difficult to capture. I’m looking forward to seeing how it progresses.


Lastly arum italicum subsp. italicum ‘Marmoratum’. I’m guessing the ‘Marmoratum’ bit. I inherited this one. There were warnings that it was a thug and would spread uncontrollably. It must be in a very inhospitable spot because it has yet to move one inch. I like it, it even looks good after rainfall .

I’ve just received notice that I have one more green bin collection for the year. That gave me a wake up call. The gardening season is coming to a close. The last of blackberries need to be cut back and added to the green bin. That’s my next task and then there are more leaves to gather. No frost yet, but overnight temperatures have been as low as 2 degrees. December approaches.

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5 thoughts on “Six On Saturday: Farewell November, farewell Autumn

  1. It seems that your variegated silverthorn behind the miscanthus grass is losing its variegation. I tend to one in another garden that has done better than I expected. It had been getting shorn when I found it. I would like to remove it, but it has been responding nicely to more selective pruning. I do not remember it ever trying to replace itself with non variegated foliage, although I have noticed that commonly in other landscapes. We have quite a bit of non variegated silverthorn in one of the landscapes at work, where it was installed as a hedge. It climbed into a bay tree, and is quite a mess now. I am amazed at how it climbs and hooks into place more efficiently than bougainvillea!


  2. I like the variegated arum, and since I have lots of the unvariegated wild one perhaps it would do well here. I’ve found the scented leaf pelargoniums seem to over winter OK for me too, although I no longer have the variegated (minty) one.


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