Six On Saturday: Autumn or Summer?

It is definitely November. Several gusty and very wet days have brought down leaves from the trees and much time has been spent chopping them up with the lawn mower. This year’s leaf mould stack has been started and last year’s leaf mould is ready for distribution. Fungi are popping out all over the place and yet the snapdragons, astrantia and calendular putting on a fresh show. The roses continue to flower and mild weather is again forecast for next week. Here’s this week’s six.


The persimmon tree contributes some beautiful shades of red the leaf mould stack at this time of year. There are also the golden leaves of the tulip tree that landed in the greenhouse. The leaves are collected in chicken wire cage in the corner of the garden and at this point offer up a truly Autumnal glow to an otherwise forgotten place.


Mushrooms are appearing on the lawn and in the borders, but here they are colonising an old fig tree log in a small stack that I keep for the local wildlife. I am just wondering if this is honey fungus. I think not, but please advise if you think otherwise!


The astrantia major self-seeds rather prolifically here and needs to be relocated or pulled up. But it was a joy to find these in flower yet again.


The antirrhinum majus ‘White Giant’ didn’t reach giddy heights this year. But after sulking through the summer the recent rain has provoked it into action. Not exactly a giant but rather pretty all the same.


The humble calendula hasn’t featured at all in SOSs for this year but the sunny glow of orange in early November deserves a mention.


And once again, I can finish on a rose. These are two shrubs of ‘Wisley’, planted at the shadier end of the long border, still pumping out new buds and in the foreground the seedheads of rudbeckia ‘Goldsturm’, reminding me that it really is November.

Our new host, Jim, at Garden Ruminations is into his third week. Jim regularly delivers gardening knowledge and an eclectic mix of plants which frequently send me off on an internet search to far flung places. Take a look at his posts and don’t hesitate to join the other SOS contributors. See you soon.

16 thoughts on “Six On Saturday: Autumn or Summer?

  1. Gosh, your roses are doing well. I keep looking at mine wondering whether it is time to cut them back, but there are still a few buds. I hope my Astrantia begin to flourish, so far they are taking their time in getting established.

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  2. The leaf collection has not yet started here because until then I couldn’t mow the lawn due to lack of gas. There were strikes in France that lasted a long time and we weren’t allowed to fill the jerrycans. ( I could have picked them up by hand but it would have taken me hours so I use my mower)
    Very pretty astrantia flowers

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  3. It seems to me that honey fungus would prefer to be closer to soil. I sometimes see it emerging from tree trunks or stumps above the ground, not far above the ground. When I pull rotten stumps apart, it becomes obvious that most of the mycelia are below grade. I do not remember ever seeing honey fungus emerging from firewood that was not in direct contact with damp soil. I really do not know if it needs something in the soil though.

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    • I think you are growing hardy geraniums(?) if they work for you then perhaps the astrantia will do well also, it can cope with some dryness. I definitely recommend collecting the leaves with the lawn mower, height of blades is best as high as you can go.

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  4. My ‘White Giant’ have stayed small too (not that they seem to grow very big here) and are still flowering. I do love the colours in Autumn leaves when they fall on the ground and the yellow, red, brown and green ones all mix together. Your photo captures that so well.

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