Cornish moments

I missed a Six On Saturday post as I was travelling back from a week in Cornwall. I posted a five on Saturday via Twitter (somehow missed out on a photo) and now I’ve decided to share those photos here too. I’ve added a sixth one to complete the package.


One day was spent walking around Rock and of course visiting the beautiful church of St Enodoc. Homage was paid to the resting place of the poet John Betjeman. The church is famous for this and for its crooked spire. There had been a recent wedding and the entrance and inside had been decorated with flowers. In the cool interior the flowers still held the shape, pink roses, blue agapanthus mixed with lime greens and whites. What a wonderful wedding it must have been.


Agapanthus are every where in Cornwall. These beautiful white ones combined perfectly with the verbena bonariensis.


There were more agapanthus mixed with erigeron karvinskianus and lavender in this courtyard garden.


The lavender was lush with vibrant green foliage, still in full flower whereas mine at home is already going over.


And in one corner this crocosmia provided a vibrant contrast.


We were staying on the Camel estuary which was at it’s most glorious so here’s a view of the river out to sea.

A diversion for this week, next week back to normal but as the drought here continues all is not normal in the garden. I managed to avoid the extraordinary high temperatures in London but the garden didn’t.

11 thoughts on “Cornish moments

    • It is so dry here, I am trying to water the new purchases and hoping that everything else will survive. It was a perfect week, first time back in Cornwall for a few years. We really enjoyed it.


  1. Agapanthus?! They seem to be appreciated more there than here. They are common here also, but only because they are so reliable. Many inhabit portions of our landscapes that we do not want to work with much. However, I do not like them in the prettier and more floral parts of the landscape. They have a stigma as being cheap and common. They are still one of my favorite perennials though. I still grow my first, which I got while I was still in junior high school.

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      • Not only is it still going, but it has generated countless copies throughout the past many years since I acquired it. It lives all over the original neighborhood, and every neighborhood that I have lived in since then. Copies have gone to climates that necessitate frost protection, in places like Oregon, Washington, Virginia, Texas and Arizona. More than a hundred copies are canned right outside here. I will likely install them along the driveway, to provide a neat border, and to contain the soil.

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