Six On Saturday: Heat!

I can’t avoid stating the obvious: it’s been hot this week. I have resorted to hanging sheets in the greenhouse to try to provide some shade but there have still been some wilting tomato plants. The water butts are empty and I don’t see any rain in the forecast. Too hot to garden, too hot to write and so here is a quick six from the garden this week.


At least this part of the garden looks cool. Ferns and the ‘Kashmir White’ geranium make a great combination in a slightly shadier spot.


My first foray into a dark leaf heuchera. This is ‘Grape Timeless’ which I always think should be ‘Grape Time’!


The over-wintered salvia ‘Amistad’ has just begun to open out. A long laster, this should be in flower until autumn.


Every year the astrantias burst forth and remind me of what an absolute dream they are. This one is ‘Roma’.


Last winter I moved a climbing rose ‘Souvenir du Dr Jamain’. It was growing against a shady fence but not really enjoying it. It’s not in the best of health but amazingly it has produced a beautiful flower. I am nurturing it and hoping that this isn’t its last effort before a demise.


And ending on an amusing note: This is the greenhouse. No matter how many times I check there is always a side shoot missed on the tomatoes. In addition to the sheets, I have been liberally throwing watering cans of water over the path to keep the humidity up and hopefully the red spider mite down. The marigolds are there to keep the white fly down and oxalis is there because I can never be rid of it!

For more hot gardens tune into The Propagator who hosts this meme. Stay cool, water wisely and as always, take time to enjoy the garden.

25 thoughts on “Six On Saturday: Heat!

  1. In spite of the wilting heat, your toms are looking good, much bigger than my outies. Raining quite hard here and you can almost hear the plants sighing in relief, me too I’m getting bored watering them! Your rose is a lovely colour, hope it is happier in its new position.

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  2. It’s about 10 degrees cooler here in North Wales than it was yesterday, but I saw from this morning’s weather forecast that ‘down South’ would be hot again. But we seem to have missed the rain which is mid and south Wales so I’ll probably be out watering again later. Your greenhouse looks huge, or is it the angle?

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  3. My Salvia Amistad is still putting out a few flowers and it’s winter! I’ll have to cut it down soon though to get it ready for spring. I hope the sheets and humidity help your tomatoes.

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  4. I did a similar combo of toms plus marigolds in the allotment greenhouse but I still seem to have white fly, aphids and red spider mite! My first year with a greenhouse, I see now they bring new challenges! Love the white geranium, it looks so refreshing, and must get myself a Salvia Amistad.

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  5. I don’t seem to have any luck growing salvias – they last one or two years and then pfft! Gone! I love the ‘Kashmir White’ geranium, I have/had a white one but I think it has been over shadowed by other plants. I might need to buy another one though, looking at yours. And how do you get that Astrantia to be so BIG?

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  6. GADS! Spider mite! I spray my Brugmansia with water a few times weekly, but they get the mites anyway! It is SO annoying. Mites may fall for the redwoods above. If so, it is impossible to eliminate them. I sprayed the foliage with water that I boiled eucalyptus foliage in last year, but should add something to the water to make the eucalyptus solution last longer on the foliage. It is the perfect spot for the Brugmansia, so I do not want to move it. Actually, I would have liked to grow more copies of it, but will not do so if the mites are always a problem.

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  7. It was so hot yesterday its no wonder your tomatoes were struggling. Luckily we had quite a breeze here so with the door and greenhouse windows open the plants were ok. I hope your plants are feeling perkier today. Dr Jarmain has long been on my wish list, but I know it’s a tricky one to grow.


  8. It is so unusual to see Rosa ‘Souvenir du Dr. Jamain’ in such perfect condition. I’m afraid it was always a martyr to blackspot in our damp conditions so that I eventually took it out, something I hated doing as it is such a beautiful rose.

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