Six On Saturday: Rain helps play

Suddenly the garden has burst into colour, no doubt helped by heavy rain that fell in the week. The roses are having a fabulous year and I can’t resist showing three more this week. Not doing so well is the box. So without further ado, over to the garden.


This is one of my favourite corners of the garden. A combination of thalictrum ‘Black Stockings’ and the rose ‘Jaqueline du Pré’. They just sit so comfortably together.


I planted out the very back border a few weeks ago now. It’s a shady place until late afternoon so it will be interesting to see how everything settles in. More of that another week, but so far the luzula nivea has been captivating. The grass is quite coarse but the tufts of white flowers are magical. It gets my vote!


Another rose to share. This one is ‘Wisley’. It will happily take some shade and flowers very well throughout summer.


Time for the poor box. Buxus sempervirens (always vigorous) it is not. Box moth caterpillars have truly taken hold of it and it is time to take it out. The first picture was taken a few weeks ago and the second is its current sorry state. Quite shocking! The box sits under the very vigorous rhododendron, so finding a replacement will be interesting but I am currently thinking of a fatsia japonica.


Another rose: The climbing ‘Blush Noisette’. This is about five years old and has successfully covered the wall. Deadheading it is a challenge and I am never quite ruthless enough in pruning it. But it doesn’t seem to care too much.


Lastly some very pretty white aquilegias. These are also growing at the back of the garden in the shade. The sun arrives here some time around 4pm at the moment. They are looking so good now. They should then be followed by a white thalictrum – watch this space!

That’s the six for another week. Mr P’s pages will show you how to take part yourself or you can just wander through the SOS gardens and enjoy. Have a great gardening weekend.

13 thoughts on “Six On Saturday: Rain helps play

  1. You’re right, the combo thalictrum & rose is really successful!
    What a pity for the box… You can safely plant a Fatsia because apart from the aphids on the new shoots (and that doesn’t last long), no caterpillar will attack them. It depends on the space you have but you can take the Spider’s Web variety which grows a little less


  2. Love the first combo! And I eagerly await your white thalictrum, I quite fancy one of those. I’d think a Fatsia Japonica would be too big for that space, mine is over 6ft tall and I cut it back ruthlessly! Maybe a pretty Hebe? Or a Pittposporum?

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  3. ‘Blush Noisette’ is looking beautiful and so healthy. How gratifying to have a rose that does its job so well. It’s a shame about your Buxus. I’m thinking about all those box hedges in the UK. Is this the fate that awaits them?

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    • The dreaded caterpillar does seem to be moving across the country. Some places seem to be keeping lucky so far. There are sprays but I’d rather not be doing that every week so I shall just find something new.

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