Six On Saturday: April chills

What a week! From balmy spring warmth to icy snow showers and freezing winds. There was a slight frost this morning. This was also the week the pergola was installed and the foxes had a fight in the rosemary bush, I think the rosemary came off worse. There were some brave tulips on show and the plum blossom appeared. Here’s six from the garden.


The first tulips to appear in this garden are ‘World Friendship’. They’ve last well over about three years but I think this is the year to top them up. They have a softer yellow colour, not too bright and I think they work well with the thalia.


The plum blossom opened up at the beginning of the week, only to be thrashed about by a vicious north wind. Here’s hoping some of the blossom makes it through to fruit.


The glorious sunshine of last weekend saw me tackle two gardening jobs on the same day! A good clear out of the potting shed followed by a clear out of this end of the thin border. Previously home to rampant blackberries, generously giving too much fruit to use, a first thinning out was achieved. I know I said I wouldn’t, but I do have a few white dahlias that used to live in pots. They have overwintered and I think for this year at least they will go in here along with some summer annuals while I mull over a permanent plan.


I am a purist for the simple yellow primroses, but somehow I have inherited this dark red one. It has made a successful appeal to stay in the garden.


The new green growth of the grass melica altissima ‘Alba’ caught my eye this week. Fresh and vibrant, it adds a good band of colour to the back of a north facing border. In the summer lovely dancing stems of white flowers sway in the breeze. I can’t wait.


The pergola was installed amid howling winds and snow showers. The guys very cleverly built the new one whilst using the old one to support the vine. I kept the warming cups of coffee going and marvelled at the progress from inside in the warm.

It’s a beautiful blue sky morning here, cold but bright. Let’s hope we have done with the cruel weather, no more frosts please, it’s time to will those seeds into germination. The Propagator hosts this weekly gathering, stop by and see if you can catch him in the garden.

18 thoughts on “Six On Saturday: April chills

    • That’s a lovely idea. I probably could! But I’ve some apple trees in the garden already. It is a thin border and narrows to this point so finding the right planting is a challenge. I’m also looking for low maintenance!


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  2. That’s a fine looking pergola. Do you have a grape vine growing over it then? That would be so nice. I wonder if you could plant the tulips like it is recommended for Allium ‘Purple Sensation’? Apparently if you plant them each year for three years then they will continue by themselves as it takes about three years for a bulb to re-flower. So in year 4 the year 1 bulbs flower again etc etc. My problem is that I have very little planting space so to squeeze more bulbs in is almost impossible.

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    • There is a vine growing over the pergola, it is never productive of anything edible but does give us good shade in high summer. That is an interesting idea for the the tulips. I will definitely top them up this autumn.


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    • The legs of the pergola sit in a metal base and they have been sealed around that base. The bottom of the legs also had extra coats of wood preservative. Fingers crossed it will last! Oh yes, the fruit trees have suffered over the last few nights. It was nearly minus 2 in the gh and the lemon tree was fleeced again! Hopefully that is the last of the frosts.

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      • Like us … I hope that was the last night of frost. I lost my young kiwi leaves but they recover. Citrus have been wrapped again like yours. Plum flowers and peach flowers ?? Maybe burnt….
        Apples ok , pears ?? I’m confident though.

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  4. Are simple yellow primrose native? Did I ask that already? That burgundy red is excellent! It is not my favorite perennial, since it is grown as an annual here, and the bright but simple colors are too cartoonish.

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