Six on Saturday: Christmas is coming

What a week that was! Rain, sun, plenty of wind and a frost. I nipped out into the garden once or twice: rose pruning has commenced and the Christmas wreath making was completed. Here’s six from the garden.


First a little garden foraging to gather materials for the wreath.


Some hours later…this year’s Christmas wreath. Using Spruce, Bay, Ivy, Holly, Choisya, Elaeaganus and Hydrangea flowers.


The sedums have turned a rather lovely shade of purple. I only spotted these after I had made the wreath otherwise I think I could have happily sneaked a bloom or two into the creation.


The garden has been hosting some new visitors this week – two collared doves. I hope it doesn’t take you too long to find them!


The white hellebores are just beginning to flower and the dark red ones are in bud. Just when you think it is all going quiet the garden springs a surprise.


The pretty pinky white flowers of the viburnum tree are opening up. They would also have worked well in the wreath, as would the berries but I decided to leave them for another day.

I’m hoping that there are no more storms for the next few weeks. I’ve got off lightly with only a squelchy lawn to speak of. Others have had snow, loss of power and a miserable time of it. Six on Saturday continues unabated, just knock on the door of The Propagator’s site and all will be revealed. Wishing everyone good times!

18 thoughts on “Six on Saturday: Christmas is coming

  1. Hi, very pretty Christmas wreath: it’s a custom that you don’t see a lot here in France (or at least in my region).
    Storms and cold temperatures are a little further north than here … As you say I hope there won’t be too many. Have a nice week end

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  2. Your Christmas wreath is very pretty. And I see your Hellebore is already ahead of the game. Mine always seem much later to flower than anyone else’s, but I put that down to the fact that where they are planted receives no sunlight at all during the winter months. We are now entering my least favourite time of year when there is storm after storm and we are plunged into a cloud for weeks on end 😞

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    • These gloomy days are a bit grim and your part of the country does seem to bear the brunt of the storms as they come through. We’ve had a few glimpses of sun this week which keep us all going. Here’s hoping you’ve been able to get out for some good walks.

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      • A beautiful blue sky day today – the weather gods must have heard me! I ought to walk more, but have lost motivation this year. Will try and do better next! Meanwhile I shall make use of the sunshine and go and clear up the debris around the garden that the recent storms have created!

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  3. The wreath is a thing of beauty. I love that you foraged the materials from your garden. You still have a number of lovely blossoms in your garden in December – the sedum is a lovely range of colors and the viburnum looks so delicate and fresh, with its buds intermingled with flowers.

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