Six On Saturday: A glorious garden

I am behind with my virtual visits to the SOS gardens around the world but I do have a good excuse. I have spent a few days wallowing in the Sussex countryside in celebration of a wedding anniversary. We visited Charleston House near Lewes and Nymans gardens near Haywards Heath in West Sussex but it was the hotel garden that was photographed the most. So this week’s six is from that glorious garden.


I loved this combination of persicaria with asters and kniphofia. My guess is that this is p. Foxtail, but it’s just a guess. The kniphofia in my garden finished flowering in August, which just isn’t good enough! I am will have to look into some later/longer flowering varieties, suggestions welcome, and I’m definitely adding in some persicaria – somewhere.


Dahlias were of course holding court and this one is ‘Magenta Star’. I managed to catch the gardener for a quick chat. She said that the dahlias are lifted every year.


She also said they lift all the salvia ‘Amistad’. These are the cuttings in the greenhouses that were taken five weeks ago. I know mine would look nothing like this after five weeks. We bemoaned our shady greenhouses at home and I felt the guilt of one who has not yet taken a salvia cutting. It could be too late, but I might try.


The squashes have already been lifted and are stored in a conservatory, also home to a peach tree, chilies and agapanthus.


The sheltered walled garden had it’s own micro climate and felt almost tropical. I was a just a tiny bit pleased to see that the birds feast on these glorious apples just as they do on mine at home.


Hydrangeas featured throughout the garden, now in their softening autumn colours. It’s another guess but I’m saying this is ‘Limelight’.

It’s been a long time since we headed to the South East of the UK and a note has been made to visit again. Nymans, a National Trust garden, has wonderful views over the countryside and I did take advantage of their garden shop to buy a new pot. Half price, I couldn’t say no, could I?

This weekend I shall be on the hunt for some corners of the garden to revamp, I hope to be spreading another bag of Strulch and undoubtedly will be disposing of more slugs. I hope you can find time to enjoy your gardens or find a beautiful one to visit, it does lift the spirits.

The Propagator, as ever, hosts this meme and all the links will be found on his site. Visitors always welcome!

14 thoughts on “Six On Saturday: A glorious garden

  1. This garden looks great and very big! You assuredly had great time there.
    The photo with the squashes is really nice as well as the first one which is very colorful!…Were you able to bring back plants, cuttings or seeds?

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  2. I agree – the combo of plants in photo One is stunning! Love your header photo too, kniphofia too, and those squashes are marvellous, I always get greenhouse and kitchen garden envy visiting these sorts of gardens. Happy wedding anniversary by the way – I’m assuming it was yours?

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  3. A peach tree and agapanthus in a conservatory? Goodness! I would not want to confine a peach tree to a conservatory! They grow like weeds. So do agapanthus. We put them out on the roadsides. I suppose that if I lived in where winters are cool, I would, since I would miss the bloom otherwise.

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  4. Like you, I have fallen behind in my reading of the Six on Saturday posts. To be honest, I had come to finding it a chore having something ready to fit the formula and reading the entries, something I felt obliged to do if I was to be a reasonable participant, was time consuming especially when I have seven books to hand at this moment with publishers waiting for their review blurbs as soon as possible. Because of all of this I stopped posting to the Six on Saturday…and then I feel/know I am missing out on some very good blogs!

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