Six on Saturday: Harvest thoughts

Is it too early to call time on the veg plot for this year? I dug some more potatoes and the result was not wonderful. This year’s rotation finds the potatoes in the space under one the apple trees and there is a bit of a rain shadow there. I would have thought that the torrential rain we have had would have found a way through. Damn, I wasn’t going to mention the weather this week. The onions are just about still growing and don’t look too bad. Shallots harvested, French beans are coming through so slowly and the courgettes are being well behaved, always ready to deliver a good sized courgette when needed. The best deliverers this year are the cucumbers and the sweet peppers. Tomatoes might just come good if the ripening continues. Since the cucumbers have done so well they get to be first in this week’s six.


I grew ‘Burpless Tasty Green’ this year. A variety I have grown before and previously they have produced long cucumbers. This year I have had a steady supply of short cucumbers. I don’t mind that, in fact it suits me better but why, I ask myself? I have one plant in the greenhouse and one plant outside. If I leave them a little longer before picking they grow fatter but not longer. Curious, but not a problem.


My last hurrah with dahlias. I lifted two dahlia clumps last year and overwintered them wrapped in newspapers. I don’t usually lift dahlias but I wanted the space for tulips. I didn’t have a space for the dahlias when the time came to replant so, as is the way here, they went to veg plot end of the garden, underneath another apple tree. Amazingly this seems to be the space for them, untouched by slugs they are flowering quite happily. Now I have a quandary. To leave them, to lift them again, to throw them out?


The erigeron karvinskianus that suffered so badly over last winter has bounced back and nature has decreed that it should be more forward growing than before and nature is absolutely right, giving me the opportunity to fill the middle ground with new plants.


I have to show the flower of ‘Madame Alfred Carrière’ rose growing on the new arch. I took a cutting from the one growing over the back fence and a year later planted it at the base of the new arch. I am, of course, completely mad to be growing such a vigorous rose over an arch but I am going to be ruthless with the pruning. Fingers crossed.


This veronicastrum ‘alba’ was subject to some moving in spring. Half the group went off to a sunnier spot and this group was moved a little closer to the front of the border. This group have done the best, remaining upright in all the wind and rain. Still not the impact I was looking for but I’ll leave them and see if they get settled in.


Lastly, hosta ‘Francee’, growing in a pot and for the moment moved from its usual place by the back fence. There are plans for the back fence area, more of which later. In the meantime ‘Francee’ adds beauty to the scruffy greenhouse entrance.

Thanks go as always to The Propagator who hosts #SixOnSaturday and to everyone who takes part, sharing, commenting and liking. I’m off to inspect the newly developing bog garden if there’s a dry spell!

10 thoughts on “Six on Saturday: Harvest thoughts

  1. This dahlia is very pretty, if I were you I would wait until the autumn, I would lift it to overwinter it as you did , until next year.
    Another thing that I really liked: the veronicastrum ‘alba’ with a very nice foliage and long flower spike. To finish this cucumber looks very appetizing and it’s true that it’s better to pick them before they grow too big because afterwards there are too many seeds.

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  2. My climbing beans have been pathetic this year. Usually, at this time, I would be complaining that I can’t keep up with them; so far I have had a grand total of 5 beans and not eaten one! I have also, for the past two years, harvested most of my tomatoes when still green and ripened them in bowls indoorrs. They don’t need light/sun to ripen, just heat. I put mine on a shelf where the central heating pipes cross. They’ve ripened well into October with only a few losses, and I expect to do the same this year.

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  3. Is fleabane not expected to survive through winter, or was it just not expected to survive through this ‘last’ winter? I have never known it to die. We cut it back and pull most of it out, confident that enough will regenerate for the following year. We can get rid of it where it is not wanted, but it works nicely in some of the undeveloped sites.

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  4. I have also had Dahlia success this year and will share next week. I have the pink/purple Veronicastrum but may swap it for the white after seeing yours. It must look lovely in the evenings. ‘Francee’ looks so perfect, my Hostas seem to be going into autumn mode already!

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