Six On Saturday: Flowers in the rain

Returning to the garden after a week in Suffolk was not a pretty sight. The roses were brown or balled up, never going to open and the slugs had been feasting on the young dahlias and china asters. The ailing anemones looked so bad they were swiftly dug up and disposed of. I suspect some kind of wilt disease, the treatment suggested by one website was solarisation of the soil. If only there was some sun to reach into the shady spot were the anemones grew. It feels like that time when early summer moves into late summer. It’s only the first week of July. Whatever happened to mid summer? I think there’s still time for a few lazy sunny days. In the meantime here’s this weeks six.


On a happier note. Last year I bought an achillea ‘Terracotta’ which flowered yellow and was not to my liking. This year it has come true to its name and I like it much more.


The astrantias are in full flow now. These are ‘Roma’ which are self seeding. There will be some ruthless thinning at the end of summer.


The hydrangeas seemed late into flower this year but they have come good in the last week or so and of course are happy with the rain. I resisted cutting them back in March, probably not doing it until late April as the weather was so unpredictable. These are variety unknown, a happy inheritance from the previous owner.


It’s definitely a sign that summer is moving on when the penstemons start to flower. These are ‘Sour Grapes’.


The clematis has been colonised by black fly this year but is flowering well. I have spotted several ladybird larvae on the plants so I hope they have been feasting away. There are hundreds of black fly on offer.


A rose to end with. ‘Scepter’d Isle’. After a serious round of dead heading I was very happy to see that some blooms remained to enjoy a few days sun before the rain arrived again.

It’s a gloomy day here so I will have draw on memories of a week by the sea with two gloriously sunny days, a couple of windswept walks and fish and chips – the perfect British holiday. Now it’s back to some gardening – so much more deadheading of roses to be done. One of the plum trees is for the chop – this week or by the end of the month and, fool that I am, I will sow some more carrots – so far only a paltry few have germinated. Enjoy your gardening this week, drop by The Propagator’s place to see the links to all the other SOS posts, and of course there is some sport to be watched.

20 thoughts on “Six On Saturday: Flowers in the rain

  1. Such great plants. Love that terracotta-coloured Achillea, and just look at those hydrangeas, you can really tell they are enjoying all this rain, even if their caretaker isn’t! The Astrantia is also really impressive, I think they like it damp too! Hopefully you’ll get some mid-summer days, we can’t continue like this all summer, can we?

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  2. Ah, white hydrangea! We have only a few white ones, of various forms. A few are low florist types. A few behind them are taller landscape types. They are important because one of the landscapes around a small chapel gets exclusively white blooms. I relocated the white ones from other landscapes, and left the colorful sorts where they were. In the future, I will grow coppies of the larger white ones. They are not so common.

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  3. I have an Achillea which should be flowering soon I hope, it is supposed to be a deep red, but who knows! My roses went the same way as yours, in fact some even went mouldy! Yuck! I have two new astrantias this year, I do hope they grow as well as yours have.

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