Six On Saturday: Zoom, zoom, zoom

Five days of sunshine and a day of continuous rain does wonders for the garden. We are now in overdrive. Geraniums, astrantias, hollyhocks and roses are all jostling for space. There is a distinctly lush feel to the borders and the bees are humming. Here’s six from the garden this week.


The Siberian irises are in their stride now, they are so comfortable in the wet border that I need to divide them every few years. I am going to try them out in some other locations when the time comes for next division.


The alliums ‘Mount Everest’ that were battered by strong winds a few weeks ago are open now and the bees are feasting daily. I am going to forgive the occasional disappearance of newly planted bulbs and will add a few more in for next year.


Thalictrum ‘Black Stocking’ is eternally rewarding, copes well with half sun/half shade and is thoroughly recommended.


A new rose for this year. ‘Tess of the D’Urbervilles’ has turned out to be just the red I wanted to climb over this arch. I may have found a new favourite rose.


Cistus × purpureus ‘Alan Fradd’ bought as an established plant in 2017 has put on a huge amount of growth this year and is taking over this corner of a small border. I was clearly too soft on it during last year’s prune. Note to self: be tough this year.


Rosa ‘Natasha Richardson’ fights back against the cistus. A regular flowerer all summer so everything necessary will be done to give this rose its full entitlement to a good space.

It has been a good start to June, but I am, of course, a little behind with the garden. Last week’s long weekend was happily spent with family so this weekend is catch up time. Pellies to pot up in their summer containers, zinnias to sort out and the last of the tomatoes to send on to good homes or squeeze into a space in the allotment. Courgettes and cucumbers are in the ground, French beans are climbing but carrots have gone awol, a second sowing has been made but that’s it. If it’s a no show then something else can have the space.

I hope to have more time for SOS reading this week. The Propagator has an ever growing bunch of gardening friends who join this weekly gathering and it’s a shame to miss out on their exploits.

13 thoughts on “Six On Saturday: Zoom, zoom, zoom

  1. The garden is booming here too. The heat of the last week and the nice weather, followed by a big amount of rain and again sunshine: the plants and flowers are happy. Anyway, we will have to remove the weeds.
    Nice photos !… Have a good weekend L.

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  2. I do like the allium Mount Everest, and had three last year flowering with a white rose – it was perfect except that this year not one of those alliums has appeared. You mention the occasional disappearance, so it must be a thing with this allium.

    The Thalictrum looks really good in that shady setting, and I was pleased to see Tess as I got her as a bare-root last autumn and await those deep red blooms!

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  3. Allium is quite the star at this time of year. I was not aware that it was so popular. ‘Mount Evereste’ is one of the two cultivars that I want to try this autumn, along with the common purple sort that is about the same size and shape. I believe that it is ‘Purple Sensation’. I am hoping that they do not need much chill to perform perennially.

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