Six On Saturday: On the up

I have high hopes for the next few weeks. Temperatures look likely to be above freezing over night and although it all seems a little dry #neverhappy it does feel as though the growing season is underway. The self sown calendula seeds on the veg patch are germinating and so I have sown some outdoor carrot seeds. I’ve had a cloche tunnel on the ground for a couple of weeks now and will leave the cloche over them until they germinate. I am going to wait another week before I sow parsnip seeds outside. I’ve also taken up the suggestion from The Nostalgic Gardener to join in with Piglet in Portugal and Fred to grow the remainder of my potatoes in a container. They were the smallest of the lot so I have pushed my luck and planted four into a large pot. Here’s this week’s six:


Tree seedlings are also popping up everywhere and here’s any arty photo of the three main culprits.


My favourite skimmia – Lime Green – is flourishing. This is a really good space filler on the north facing side of the garden, It is at the western end so it does enjoy some afternoon sun.


In the front garden the mahonia is in flower. This one jostles for space with an hypericum and was in danger of being crowded out. With some gentle pruning I’ve managed to get it to stand a little stronger against the bolder hypericum. Who would have a thought a mahonia could be muscled out?


I’m trying not to moan about the cold but really! The new growth on the Japanese anemone has taken a bashing. These are just behind the skimmia but clearly not benefitting from any shelter. This side of the garden is raised about a foot above the lawn and I wonder if that means it catches a little more wind.


On the opposite side in the sunshine and at a lower level, this sanguisorba ‘Tanna’ has formed a good sized clump – after three years. I was on the verge of giving up on it and its nearby colleagues but perhaps this year there will be a strong display of flowers.


I have to visit the cheery tulip/thalia border again. This week the white tulips have begun to open up. I really do enjoy this calming yet cheerful border. The white variety is ‘White Triumphator’.

Six on Saturday is a wonderful gardening meme hosted by The Propagator – I hope you can find a moment to stop by his site and see what’s on offer this week. Enjoy!

19 thoughts on “Six On Saturday: On the up

  1. Ah, so someone else likes white too!
    What are those seedlings? I pulled up a few bigleaf maple seedlings while still dormant so that I might use them somewhere else. I happen to like the tree, and they happen to be appropriate to the landscapes here; but there are not many situations into which we can add anything larger than small trees.

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  3. Good luck with the potato experiment. I think you’ll be pleased with the results 🙂 The cloche is a good idea to protect the seedlings. Your tulips are lovely. I really must get some for next year. I much prefer them to daffodils as looking through the SoS blogs the tulips do have the greater variety.

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  4. Good luck with the potato trials! Mine are showing leaves and like you I will add more compost on top so there will hopefully be layers of potatoes, that’s the plan anyway! Love your tulip and Thalia border, the colours blend beautifully.

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    • Probably not looking properly but couldn’t see where to add a comment, so I’m using this reply. First wow leaves already! And the. Oh dear blight already? I hope the later plantings do well. No sign at all from mine so far. I’ll report back via SOS.


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