Six On Saturday: Happy New Year

It’s hard to keep the mind on a positive track in this chaotic world and the garden that provides much enjoyment through the year can feel, well, rather uninspiring in winter.  But the Prop does not offer winter breaks and SOS continues. After a few mornings of looking at the frosty garden from a distance I went out on a recce. Here’s what I found.


First a surprise.  The vinca is in flower again.  One brave soul sheltering among the leaves.  It lifted the spirits.


The viburnum in the front garden that flowers only on one side is true to form this year.  But there is promise for the future as there are definitely more flowers than last year. 


More encouraging signs.  Primroses have been spotted over the last few weeks, just one or two small ones here and there. 


Winter berries on a cotoneaster.  This has always been a mystery plant in the garden.  Variously thought to be villosus or possibly moupinensis,  I really have no idea but the black berries look rather bewitching. 


While much of the garden is showing off various shades of brown the variegated leaves of euonymus fortunei ‘Emerald Gaiety’ fill a dark corner of the garden.  Sometimes known as winter creeper, which seems to be an entirely appropriate name. 


Snowberries.  Not mine, because my snowberry does not seem to keep its berries.  I hope this is because the birds eat them, but it is possibly because every year, several times a year, I go at it with the loppers trying to make some sense of the thicket of stems.   I would have dug the snowberry out by but I doubt you can ever dig out a well established snowberry.  

Positive vibes restored, it is a Happy New Year.  I wish you all happiness and health in the year to come.  I’m going to top up the good feelings with a dose of Nina Simone – it’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new life for me and I’m feeling good!  There is also some blue sky showing through the window so perhaps a spot of rose pruning would be a sensible job to get on with. Happy gardening. 

11 thoughts on “Six On Saturday: Happy New Year

  1. Happy New Year to you and it’s lovely to see the signs of life in your garden. Just this week I was thinking birds don’t seem to like eating the snowberries as they just sit there on my one plant. Maybe the loppers are the problem as you say?!


  2. Happy gardening to you too, a chara. Your selection might well have been my exact Six…. Well, five of them anyway. My favourite from your’s is the Euonymus.
    Lovely choice of music for the pruning!

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