Six On Saturday: Last jobs to be done

It’s still quite mild but the days are shortening and colder weather is forecast. I have risked leaving the lemon tree out but this is the weekend it will go into the greenhouse. The scented leaf pelargoniums went inside during the week and the evergreen agapanthuses in pots have been wrapped up in fleece. There are too many of these to move into the greenhouse so they brave the winter outside. The garden is mulched, the old shed has gone and the new shed is on schedule to arrive next week. That leaves the leaves! And the last tidying up in the borders. Oh, and a few dozen tulips still to be planted. So nearly there, but not quite. The garden looks as though it is going quiet but underneath the soggy earth the spring bulbs are waking up. Hurrah! Here’s six from the garden this week.


Testament to the mild weather perhaps, is this flower on one of the anemones I grew from root cuttings. I took the cuttings last autumn and managed to get them through the winter. I moved them to 9 cm pots in the summer and perhaps around the end of August planted them out in the garden. It’s a small flower on a small plant but it’s all my own work so much treasured.


The figs have been falling from the tree. Some were ripe enough to make jam with but most are not. This was the result of one morning’s work and the windy weather of this morning has brought down a few more.


Lockdown life is pretty dull which is my excuse for buying these purple cyclamen. Madness, I usually only entertain the white ones. But here they are, looking more pink than purple but they are purple!


As mentioned the pellies are in the greenhouse, even as they continue to flower. They will need to be cut back for their overwintering, a job for next week.


The leaf cage is getting full and the neighbours on both sides are contributing. It’s quite a social event!


Roses are still giving little pops of colour, a cheery sight through the gloom of a drizzly afternoon.

This season is turning, there will be less gardening and more eating of hot buttered crumpets. But SOS carries on. Mr P will inspire us all with his ingenious finds to make it into each week’s six. I urge you to take a look.

18 thoughts on “Six On Saturday: Last jobs to be done

  1. Here also now the figs are over. After the jam and tarts, I started with the fruit paste. They’re drying out and I’ll be posting the results on Twitter in the next few days. Very pretty rose: do you know what its name is?

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  2. What a wonderful idea to get your neighbours to contribute to your leaf collection – will you share the results? Just joking, but leafmould is one of the most precious things in the garden. My fig is tiny (but still produced 6 fruits this year), so am in awe of your harvest!

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  3. Oh, what a shame about the wind and the figs. Leaves are great! You reminded me to knock on some doors and ask for the bagged leaves on curbs around the neighborhood. I just mow them up and lay them on my raised beds.

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  4. The Cyclamen are a glorious colour. Definitely what’s needed in these trying times. I cut my scented leaves pellies back this week but it’s so mild I think they’ll need another haircut in a while. A success story with the Anemone


  5. Lucky you to have so many figs! Great work on the Anemone, I have yet to try root cuttings. And I think you may even have more leaves than we do – mind you I don’t invite the neighbours to contribute!


  6. Your figs are falling and mine are just developing. I’ll have to net the tree very soon, or the bats and birds will have the lot. I like the cyclamen which look amazingly healthy and colourful. Even if they do look more pink than purple.

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  7. I haven’t seen bats on the tree here but the squirrels are very interested. I hope you get a good crop from your tree. It is so gloomy here at the moment which is making C19 so much harder to deal with 😦


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