Six On Saturday: Seedlings

This is the sort of SOS that will separate the forward thinkers from the skin of the teeth types and I nailed my colours to the latter mast some time ago. The weather is atrocious here but there was a brief moment of less than torrential rain so I nipped out to the greenhouse and snapped this six.


Ignore the label – these are not Lutea!

Foxglove seedlings. Somehow, and much to my delight, I had one white foxglove among the forest of purple ones this year. I collected seed and will patiently wait to see if a) I can get them through the winter and b) if they come through as white foxgloves. Oh, the jeopardy!


Fighting the damp conditions and the slugs

More collected seeds. This time from purple delphiniums. I think I am already in danger of losing some of these as the greenhouse has been rather damp of late and I fear the worst.


Aquilegia seedlings, sown some time ago and I am already down two of them.


Thalictrum delavayi seedlings, in need of potting on. Such delicate little things that will, if all goes well, grow on to make plants of over a metre tall. Possibly in danger of being overtaken by moss and algae. Oh dear.


The astrantia major in the garden is really making itself at home and needs to be taken in hand from time to time. Some are pulled out but I have potted some on for next year to fill gaps in a shady border.


A second sowing of basil has come good

I have a forest of basil plants that I hope will keep going for a couple of months longer. These have been one of the most enjoyable crops this year!

Well, I seem to have ended in in the new block editor this week. I have always failed to edit the link. Let’s see what happens. No I can’t give it a short and snappy name – any ideas folks? As they say, a rose by any other name … so just follow the link to Mr P’s page of delights and take a stroll through the comments section to find your way to the SOS collection of gardens. Keep dry!

18 thoughts on “Six On Saturday: Seedlings

  1. You’ve been very productive. I hope that white foxglove comes good for you. I have foxglove seedlings, but no idea what colours as the seeds were collected by a friend a few years ago. The only thing I’ll be sowing – other than winter salad crops in the Tiny Greenhouse – is sweet peas in root trainers, which I’ve not used before.

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  2. Some of your seedlings look quite a bit like some of my mysteries, so you just might have solved things for me! I am pretty sure I have foxglove, although I planted the seeds long ago. I am envious of the basil, mine isn’t that nice at the height of the season. I just cannot grow it.

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  3. Impressive! Columbine has never grown well where I put it, but somehow appears where dying plants toss their seed. However, seed do not do well if sown where I want them either. Delphinium germinates, but then rots for me.

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      • Yes, many of these were from magazines where I’m sure you don’t get quite as many seeds as when you actually buy. But should have enough for the gaps I want to fill. I have plenty of aquilegias that self-seed but the gene pool has become all a murky pink. It needs injecting with a few fresh plants.


  4. Re the link: Highlight a couple of words of text and click the link icon on the block menu, then copy and paste the URL into the box. Re white foxgloves, in theory white flowered plants have not a trace of purple in the petioles, the rest will be pink or purple.

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  5. Thanks for suggestion for link – I’ll try that. It seems that I can insert the http link but I can’t then edit the link to read – as yours did – jon’s page … Thanks also for advice on the foxgloves. I believe I have seen that effect on the pink and white phloxes that I have in the garden. I’ll keep my eyes pealed.


  6. i usually struggle to overwinter seedlings in the greenhouse, dampness, mould, general filth, slugs, etc etc. I often wonder if they wouldn’t be better off outside, somewhere a bit sheltered perhaps. i did sow some lupins the other day, more in hope than expectation. good luck with yours!


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