Six On Saturday: Summer’s lease is running down

This week has been a treat. Particularly so here as decorating has been the top priority and having the doors open to the sunny garden has lifted the spirits. Having neglected the garden over the last few weeks there were a few lovely surprises. Here’s this week’s six.


The autumn crocuses have pushed through the geranium phaeum foliage and for a few brief days were untouched by the slugs.  A neighbour has reported seeing a hedgehog in the garden and wondered what to do.  I immediately offered outdoor dining for the dear creature at my place.  I live in hope.


It is the turn of the blue delphiniums to re-flower.  Slightly paler in colour, I think, than the first flowering but very welcome.


The gaura is past its best but it has to be featured this week because it looked so lovely against the pennisetum villosum this morning.


This scabious was a new plant purchase last year but has only made it into the garden proper this year,  It is scabiosa caucasica ‘Miss Willmott’, bought on a visit to Beth Chatto garden in Essex.  This should flower on through October.


Dhalia ‘Blanc y Verde’ from a Sarah Raven combination.  I grow them in pots and they used be accompanied by dahlia  ‘Furka’ but these have a been a no show this year.  I have to give this dahlia a pat on the back.  They have tolerated my erratic watering with amazing good grace.  As I notice their wilted leaves I drench them with a can full of water and a dose of Tomorite or Maxicrop and thankfully they re-hydrate.


Sorry to go about the cosmos again but really they have been stunning this year.  This crowd is ‘Dazzler’.  There are about three plants here that are pumping out the flowers week after week.  I am well and truly dazzled.

I am sure The Propagator will have much to dazzle us with and of course there are the links to the other SOS posts to enjoy.  A beautiful weekend lies ahead here so let’s enjoy it while it lasts.

18 thoughts on “Six On Saturday: Summer’s lease is running down

    • I wish mine would get going in that direction. This is the second year so maybe it will be ready to spread itself around a bit. I’d like to have a little more of it – but be careful what you wish for!!


  1. Autumn crocus are rad . . . but mine bloomed in spring with the rest of the crocus. I sort of think they were something else, although they ‘appeared’ to be what they were supposed to be. Even the saffron bloomed later in spring, and it looked just like it should.

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      • Yes, weird . . . and annoying. I do not mind getting the wrong bulbs. It can be a fun way to try something that I would not have otherwise selected. I just get annoyed that I can not identify them! They look like they should, and seem to be what they should be, but obviously are not . . . and I can not identify them.


    • I know what you mean about dahlias. I gave away a bunch last year because they just didn’t fit but a tuber must have got left behind, It came through in May and I moved it to a sunny spot and it has grown to over 5 feet and is sending flowers out regularly. It sort of fits in its new location so I might be working round it this year – with what I don’t know!


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