Six On Saturday: Beautiful blues (and pinks and whites and oranges)

Having had a few days off at Sofa-on-Sea, I am returning to the fold with six from a parched garden. So much promise of rain, so little delivered. The water butts, and I have several, have run dry, the lawn is cracking and yet the bindweed just doesn’t give up. The greenhouse has been emptied of seedlings and young plants and those not yet planted out are now finding cover under the pergola.


First something lovely in blue. The anchusas were grown from seed sent by Fred in France They are the perfect companion for the self sown calendulas.


More blues from the delphiniums. These have taken a thrashing from the wind in the last couple of days and are still standing. I’m going to be a little smug and pat myself on the back for the staking. There is a non-blue one on the right. I like the colour and decided to try it in the main border this year but it’s not the right place for it. It will go back to another border where some white delphiniums are growing.


The allium nigrums have flowered. The are very different to allium ‘Mount Everest’. They are shorter, sturdier and slightly less airy. I think I will have to work with them for a year or two before I am comfortable that I have the right mix around them.


Sometimes the bird leave very useful presents in the garden and this is one. It is iris foetidissima in its yellow form. It has orange berries in the winter which must be attractive to the birds as I have clumps of them growing under the viburnum tree and the rhododendron. They seem to be indestructible and fortunately I like them. I pull up any odd ones dotted around but I’m happy to let those under the trees grow on. The striking companion is geranium ‘Anna Folkard’, still struggling to run riot but I’ll be patient, she hasn’t had an easy time in these dry conditions.


Okay, so I’m sneaking two in again. I might regret this next week. But here is astrantia ‘Roma’ with salvia nemorosa ‘Caradonna’ in the background. The astrantias are self seeding happily and I wanted a few more of the ‘Caradonna’ to join them but the cuttings I took did not make into young plants. I will try again.


While the rose ‘Gertrude Jekyll’ dominates the picture it is the geranium that I draw your attention to. It’s ‘Brookside’. Largish, sprawling and lovely.

Whilst I hope there is time for every one to get a few jobs in the garden done I wouldn’t say no to a rain break every now and then. Don’t forget to take a look at some other gardens this weekend. It’s easy just stroll by The Propagator for all the links.

22 thoughts on “Six On Saturday: Beautiful blues (and pinks and whites and oranges)

  1. I’m glad to see the blue anchusa in your garden. I must admit that the mix with the yellow colour of the nearby calendula is a very nice choice.
    Beautiful bed with astrantias, I have to sow some next year.

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  2. The anchusas look gorgeous especially against the yellow. I also have a Gertie combination this week, mine is with campanula. I must say she does look grand against blues and purples. Every time I see Astrantias on these blogs I want one. Just not sure where I can plant one now!

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  3. My favorite color combination in that first photo! Don’t deep purple and golden look great together? I had to look up anchusas, I see it’s blue bugloss, and a perennial borage family member. That’s why it reminded me of Chinese forget-me-nots, of the same family. But, perennial, now nice! I get so many ideas for new plants on Saturdays!

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  4. The blue anchusas are excellent. Love those & imagine they go great w/calendula, regardless the colour of the latter. I also admire your delph staking which I can’t even see. And that astrantia bed! Just wow. Yes, the blues are doing good things in your garden. That yellow iris ain’t bad either. Send your birds to poop in my garden any day.

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  5. ‘Mount Everest’ allium is airy? That is what I though. However, I have seen pictures that show it quite dense, almost comparable to ‘Purple Sensation’. Actually, many pictures online show it with dense bloom. I really thought that it looked airier and lacier in older pictures. It is nice either way. Allium nigrum somehow looks more like the flowers of culinary onions. It is not as spherical, but the individual flowers have that more prominent green center.

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