Six On Saturday: Some shady specials and some for sun

I don’t know why it took me so long to discover the first plant in my six for today. I saw it an NGS garden visit and serendipitously spotted two small pots of it for sale at the Finchley Horticultural Plant sale last year. It has come on in leaps and bounds so without further ado here it is:


Tellima grandilfora aka fringe cups.  It is an absolute winner for the dry shade in my garden.  This version has pinkish flowers that fade to greeny white.  How clever is that?  There is another version, tellima grandiflora odorata, that is scented but I didn’t stumble across that one.  I could easily be tempted to track one down for another shady corner though. 


I’m also enjoying geranium macrorrhizum in the very dry shade in the front garden.  The bluebells there are just going over but that blue and the magenta of the geranium has looked good over the last few weeks.  This is a space where only the strong survive, and this geranium just gets on with it.


In the sunnier long border the ‘Mount Everest’ alliums have appeared.  These were much complained about for putting on a poor show and last year I decided to add in some allium nigrum.  It seems the threat of being usurped has spurred ‘Mount Everest’ on and they are making a go of it this year.  The nigrums are some weeks behind and are much shorter at the moment.



I had to feature the sun loving osteospermums this week because I had never noticed their blue centres.  Shame on me and thanks to Off the Edge Gardening for pointing this out.  Apparently this is a sign of a hardier osteo.  

It’s May, the roses are popping out everywhere and filling the air with beautiful scent.  So the last two spaces go to them.


An unknown red climber that I inherited.  It was a weak and straggly specimen that I cut completely to the ground three years ago.  It put on the growth again quite quickly but this is its most floriferous year so far.  It does battle with the alkanet – which I am going to try to dig out very soon.  Again, that is.  Last year’s half-hearted attempt just didn’t do it.


Madame Alfred Carriere.  Another climbing rose that is making good progress over the back fence. It is in shade for the most of the day but catches the late afternoon/evening sun from the west.  This is it’s second year and it is beginning to live up to its nickname of ‘Mad Alf’.  I am very happy for it to go as mad as it likes.  There is plenty of fence to cover.

There is some wonderful weather for today and perhaps early tomorrow but cold air is coming.  There may be a need to fleece some things and it is definitely not time for the pellies to leave the greenhouse but I think another week might bring us into more consistent temperatures.  Wishing you all perfect gardening weekends. I am late posting today but I see I am in good company.  Mr P was distracted by having Friday off but he managed to get a post in on time and will be marshalling all the links to other SOSs.  


23 thoughts on “Six On Saturday: Some shady specials and some for sun

  1. The geranium is so pretty. The leaves are such a lovely shape too. I have one, but it isn’t anywhere near that nice. I had another, but after the flowers faded it was an ugly plant and I tore it out!


  2. I haven’t heard of Tellima Grandiflora (or fringe cups) but it looks a rather gorgeous plant. The ‘Mount Everest’ alliums look great in the border.

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  3. Cold air came last night up here. However I have not pot anything under fleece because I don’t think it will be that bad. So weird to have cold weather after 7 weeks of warm air. Thanks so much for featuring the fringe cups. I have an identified plant I had planted in the shed and that is definitely if. Don’t be surprised if you see them featured in my 6 tomorrow.

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  4. Love the hairy little heads of your allium. Glad they were scared into fruition. Does the osteospermum died completely back over winter or stay – i.e. could it be planted over low lying spring bulbs? My climbing rose is only in bud so an earlier bloomer is warranted. Perhaps there’s a Mad Alf in my future. Will she bloom all summer or be quickly over?

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    • I’m hoping MA will bloom all summer but she is in the shade for a good part of they day. So far there are plenty of blooms coming through. My osteos stays green all winter, they are in sunny corners around the garden. It does spread/sprawl over its neighbours so I think low lying spring bulbs would be smothered but maybe something that could grow through it would work??? I’m really enjoying the alliums too 🙂

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    • The scent of a good rose is so fabulous. Gertrude Jekyll is wonderful at the moment. Yes, squeeze that rose into a spare piece of ground somewhere 🙂 I like a climber but I fear I have lost control of them this year, they are rampant! Best wishes to you too.


  5. lovely roses, i am impatient for my Mad Alf to go mad. she is still very small and spindly, but only recently planted so i forgive her. interestingly generous gardener is going absolute gangbusters in comparison. it’ll be a race to cover the front of the house.

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