Six On Saturday: No gloom here

I’ll reference the c word in order to wish everyone well in their life and work and as a nod to the historical record but there are encouraging things afoot in the garden to distract me. Here they are:


The magnolia is in bloom.  On time and ready to give a couple of weeks of joy.  A blue sky would add to the euphoria but it’s not available today!

Suddenly out of nowhere the delphiniums have shot up.  This is one of my most enjoyable moments of the gardening year.  They are up and so far are outpacing the slugs and snails.  I am jumping ahead of myself as I day dream about summer.  


I inherited a patch of white hyacinths at the foot of the smaller fig tree.  Here they jostle for space with the green alkanet and in combination the two manage to look pretty good.  I think I am going to learn to live with the alkanet as my attempts to eradicate it have failed once again.  In its favour it does have a pretty blue flower.  


I also inherited various daffodils dotted in random locations around the garden.  I dug them up and planted them all in a corner pending a decision on their fate and of course they get forgotten every year until they flower again.  I rather like this white one.  One day I will sort out the ones I like and find them a proper home.


The blue anemones are peeking through the forget-me-nots this week.  And there is a tiny yew seedling, donated by the birds that sit in the branches of the viburnum tree above. 


More excitement as the tomato seeds sown last week have germinated.  These are above a radiator, on a sunny windowsill in the kitchen.  Time to move them to a cooler spot before they get too leggy.

The garden is still soaked and it’s best not to spend too much time standing on the soil so I still have jobs to be done.  Meanwhile nature pushes on and how lovely it is. I hope you can find some positive distractions in your garden or those nearby.  My snowflakes are not in flower yet but I spotted a stunning clump of them just round the corner from me.  For more opportunities to admire other gardens just check in with Mr P who hosts all the SOS links which are guaranteed to dispel any gloom. 

16 thoughts on “Six On Saturday: No gloom here

  1. Love that ‘mini border’ snap in #5. Such a nice collection of plants. Your daffs & magnolia are both gorgeous. Run, little delphies, run! Grow yourselves out of harm’s reach. (I wonder how, in our current weather cycle, the slugs’ve not noticed?)

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  2. Considering the weather that we’ve been having your plants are looking remarkable healthy and clean – no muddy splashes (always a problem in my garden).
    I love that daffodil – if you ever identify it, please post some details as I’m sure there’s many of us who would love to have it in their garden.
    I can also see some white hyacinths coming into my garden at some point in the future. They are gorgeous!
    Enjoy your magnolia – they are magnificent!

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    • They are a mixture of some that came with me when we moved and some that I grew from seed. The best clump is a division from a clump from the old family garden so who knows how old that base plant was! Wonderful things.

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  3. So many cheerful things in your post. I’m particularly taken with the white hyacinth patch. I always plant out my spent bulbs but they’re a garish blend of barbie pink and royal blue!

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  4. The daffodil looks rather like number one in my post. Having looked it up I think it is Ice Follies. The trumpet starts off more yellow and fades to white, and is quite frilled. I noticed the buds on my Magnolia were starting to show colour – hopefully it will look like yours by next week.

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  5. Ah alknet, such a simple word for such a hairy thuggish plant but like you I have excited to live with it as it has long long roots that never give up. My garden is a sea of celandine (grumpy face) and I see they are selling a variety of it at the garden centre! Best wishes to you. Xx

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