Six On Saturday: Last Hurrah for November

I am going to ignore the gloomy wet week that has just past and revel in the blue skies and frosty morning of today. The water in the bird bath is well and truly frozen and the grass is fully frosted. It was a cold night. Time to enjoy the winter garden.


The beautiful view from one end of the garden.  Most of the leaves are now down but this tree is still glowing with autumn colour.


The frost made finding six garden delights much easier.  These are the frosted leaves of  Cistus × purpureus ‘Alan Fradd’.


Frosted Primrose leaves.  A sigh of relief goes with this picture. There were some lingering scented leaf pellies in this pot and I just got them into greenhouse in time.  Last night in the greenhouse it was -.08 degrees.


The seeds of the verbenia bonariensis are going to provide a chilly snack for the birds today.  But if they come late morning things might have improved.  As I took these photos the sounds of dripping water indicated that the sun was melting the frost away.


My parsnips.  They’ve had a couple of frosts now so its time for me dig up a few and see how they fared over the summer.  Definitely an improvement on last year when none of the seeds germinated.


More beautiful leaf colour but also a bit of fail here as I didn’t prune the gooseberries in July and haven’t yet got round to doing the winter prune.  Still there’s plenty of time – if I can be persuaded out into the garden.

So now we settle into winter dormancy for the plants.  For me,   I will finish the rose pruning, take down the passion flower and prune the soft fruits and the grapevine.  I will, I will.

I wonder what is on Mr P’s to do list?  Stop by and find out and catch up with other SOS news from around the world.

12 thoughts on “Six On Saturday: Last Hurrah for November

  1. What beautiful pictures of frost! … Apparently it’s colder further north but I’m not teaching you anything. Bravo for parsnips: 2 years without germination for me > I will try again next year. I had to miss something with these seeds, but there is not much that resists me.

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    • I do love parsnips so I keep on with them. Haven’t lifted any this week as life has been busy. But this weekend looks calmer so I hope I shall have more time in the garden and the weather looks to be slightly warmer. I won’t go in detail about my carrots other than to say poor.


  2. The frost on the leaves is very pretty to see. How nice it would be to hear water dripping though I know you’ve had a lot in the northern hemisphere and are heartily sick of it. There are still some nice autumn colours in your garden.

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