Six On Saturday: A Mediterranean garden

Very much in keeping with the weather here today I give you six things from a Mediterranean garden. Not mine, so ever so slightly against the rules, but I have just got back from a week away.  The plants shown today are all from the jardin de val rahmeh in Menton, France. I was much reminded of fellow sixers as I walked round it, fuschias, daturas, brugmansia, and much more.  Here’s my pick:



The weird and wonderful aristolochia gigantea hook.  In all its stages.  This is not one I can really see in my garden but it was an impressive sight as a hedge line.


This is allamanda catharitica  L – golden trumpet.  I can imagine this growing up over the pergola but it seems to be better suited to a conservatory in the UK.


Haemanthus coccineus L – blood lilly.  Quite striking for a low growing plant.


I loved this growing by the side of the pond but couldn’t track down a plant label for it.


I’m pretty sure this was a thunbergia, possibly thunbergia laurifolia Lindl. A beautiful plant that cascaded down the walls.


The cool green nasturtium like leaves of this pond plant.  Another favourite from the garden which has to remain unnamed, all suggestions gratefully received.

It will be back to my garden next week.  I have a few plants to rehydrate and the forecast is for rain so I will get some help from above.  Hopefully no casualties!

Mr P continues to generously host this meme and shares all the links to other posts in the comment section of his post.  I have some catching up to do.

10 thoughts on “Six On Saturday: A Mediterranean garden

  1. You must have had a wonderful week! This area is very pretty and it should be nice. I was given an allamanda ( by my sister-in-law, living in La Reunion ). It remained well for 2 years and, despite an overwintering frost free, it didn’t resist. It was a very pretty flower like the one you are presenting today. Last point, your last plant is a nelumbo nucifera: completely hydrophobic leaves and large flowers that, for the moment, look like heads of watering cans.

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  2. I’d have one of each, please, but really do like the last one that Fred calls nelumbo nucifer. Hope you had a wonderful trip & your garden’s gotten over your absence.

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