Six On Saturday: Flowers – new and old

Well what a week that was. The two day heat wave has passed and rain has arrived. As I write this post I realise that after three years restocking the garden it is time to reflect on the progress made.   This week’s six features some very new flowers, some settling in and some so well established that they need taking in hand.  All delivered with a splash of rain.


Hemerocallis ‘Gentle Shepherd’.  I recently opined that I really wanted H. Floro Pleno but when I went shopping for some anemones (another story) I fell for this. A little bedraggled by the rain but on a sunny day it is truly wonderful.  I bought two and should have bought more.


I had a flurry into dahlias last year but decided they are not my thing, except these white ones which are Blanc y Verde if I remember rightly.  I grow them in pots along the thin border.  I don’t lift them, just covering them with mulch over winter.


The hosta Francee, planted in a pot about a month ago, has flowered and I am impressed.  I was quite happy to enjoy the leaves but the delicate flowers are a great bonus.


It’s a lemon flower and I am very excited by this.  Having nearly killed the lemon tree two winters ago – beast from the east etc – the poor thing limped along last year.  This year there is plenty of new foliage and finally a few flowers.  I don’t suppose they will get to be lemons before it goes back in the greenhouse.  I shall enjoy the flower and the wonderful scent.


Verbena bonariensis.  By contrast to the lemon tree the vb is very happy in the garden.  I brought a few pots of it from the last garden and in three years here it has spread itself into every nook and cranny.   I need to keep this plant under control.  It has been brilliant for adding colour and height to a new garden and I do let it self seed into pots of agapanthus but now I am being ruthless.


Rose of the week is  a climber, James Galway.  It looks perfectly lovely here and I am sure that once it becomes established I will really enjoy it.  At the moment it is only half way up the trellis.  More growth please!  Perhaps the rain will help it along.

More garden sharing posts are to be found on The Propagator’s site.  Our industrious host shares the links to posts from around the world.  Always worth a look.


14 thoughts on “Six On Saturday: Flowers – new and old

  1. I’m glad your lemon tree has recovered. Here is my caviar lemon who suffered the first heatwave of June: It’s complete defoliated and I hope to save it before winter …
    Otherwise very pretty daylily color. We see rather yellowsor reds and it changes


  2. Another vote for the day lily. I’ve never seen a white one before & yes! Buy more! Altho day lilies tend to reproduce quite vigorously, don’t they? I’m having similar thoughts about my verbena & asked Granny how she keeps her so well behaved. I love the stuff but each year, the plants just get wider & wider! Your James Galway rose is so beautiful. How long have you had it, that it hasn’t made its way up the wall yet? I think I’d be tempted to forgive it if it never did, it’s such a lovely rose. congrats on the lemon flower. That’s pretty WOW, isn’t it?

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    • I’m being impatient with the rose. It only went in in November so this is the first year! I’m still at the stage when I want to plant that day Lilly everywhere – I must calm down, you are right it will bulk up and then I can divide. I must learn to be more patient!


      • My rose question was because my new climber hasn’t taken over the side wall yet, so you see my own impatience exposed. I don’t know how quickly day lilies multiply. I’ve inherited a glut of them in our new garden so come at it from the other angle. Since this garden was neglected before we took over, bulking up could take years, decades, centuries. Better go buy some.

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