Six on Saturday: Flowers are hiding a multitude of sins

Continuing on from the theme of last week: losing the plot, all is still chaos in the garden. It’s been a busy week. The house is encased in scaffolding. Painters and roofers are everywhere. Good for them that it hasn’t rained, not so good for me.  There is watering to be done and weeds to be pulled.   It is time to cut back the hardy geraniums and delphiniums, which, once done, will definitely bring the garden back into some sense of order.  But then who wants order in the garden? Let the flowers rule!


I call these shasta daisies, but I have a distant memory that they have been renamed. Or maybe it is just that they have a formal classification name as well. Of course I didn’t get round to giving them a little bit of support so they have happily sprawled over the path. That path is getting hard to find these days. These have been in the garden, grown from seed, for three years now. Doing well I think.


Suddenly the day lillies have burst forth.  I have ‘Golden Chimes’.  I can’t quite remember why  I chose these.  I really have a hankering for ‘Flore Pleno’.  But these will do – for now.  Day lillies are a sign, for me,  that the season is moving on.


Sidalcea also indicate a change over is taking place.  This is ‘Stark’s Hybrid’.  This came to the garden last year and is beginning to clump up.  It should be very good next year.  It is in the mallow family and is not too dissimilar to hollyhocks but quite a bit shorter.


Speaking of which, the hollyhocks this year are not quite at the giddy heights of last year but there is still time.  They seeded everywhere and I have realised that you need to be quick to pull out any unwanted ones. They develop very long roots that put up quite struggle.


Gaura lindheimeri ‘Whirling Butterflies’ was a feature of SOS posts last year and after spotting it in a garden in France I was convinced that I had to have it here.  This is the first summer of flowering and it is not an established clump.  It does look beautiful swaying in a breeze, very summery.  I have high hopes of this making a bigger impact next year.


There always has to be a rose at this time of year and this week it is ‘Darcey Bussell’.  Beautiful scent, fabulous colour and full of flower.  What more can you ask for?

For more summer highlights visit Mr P’s garden and you will find yourself meandering down garden paths from around the world.  Highly recommended.


17 thoughts on “Six on Saturday: Flowers are hiding a multitude of sins

  1. Your white gauras go perfectly with mine that are dark pink. We chose the same week well ! I love your mallows and your day lily flower which has a much more yellow color than mine (I will see to add them to a next Six )

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  2. ‘Flore Pleno’ looks lovely (I looked it up) but so does your daylily. Mine is rather pale in comparison, but at least it is flowering well after an absence of three years! Midsummer is truly a great time in the garden.

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  3. I love the daisies sprawled out over the path like old ladies who burned their bras in the 60s. But then, it’s hard not to smile at a daisy. Your gaura are really lovely. I’ve got some seeds which don’t seem to be doing anything for me this year. Maybe next. That rose is worth stealing.

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  4. The Latin name has changed, but they are still Shasta daisies.
    Gaura seems to be popular there. I am sort of over it. It is so prolific and weedy. A landscape nearby has been overrun by it. I suppose it is still pretty, even as a weed, but I would like it more if it were not so overwhelming.

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