Six On Saturday: Dad’s Delphiniums

To avoid charges of misleading posts, this is not a delphinium themed post but Dad’s delphiniums do get pride of place this week.  It is always good to have plants in the garden that hold memories of people and places and it seems particularly appropriate to share his delphiniums in this week of D-day memories.  Dad followed up the first D-day landings on Sword beach as a member of a tank regiment and went on to the battle for Caen.



The delphiniums came from a division of the delphiniums that grew in the parental garden.  They came to the old house and settled in their for twenty odd years.  I divided them up when we moved and brought a clump with me.  They have always reached a good height but this year they have excelled themselves, I am estimating at least two metres.  I took this photo on Thursday as I was more than a little concerned for them suffering in the wet and windy weather that was forecast.  So far, they are still standing proud.



I also have good memories attached to this geranium which came from Aunty Jen’s garden.  It also moved gardens when we came here and it’s settled in well.  I have a distant memory that it is ‘Johnson’s Blue’.



I do love a geranium and this one is ‘Brookside’. It’s a big sprawly one and beautifully grows around the roses, in this case ‘Wisley’.  I wish I could be cheesy and say I have fond memories of the Wisley gardens but I’ve never been there.



The sweet peas are flowering.  They were sown in February and have grown very chunky and strong.  This variety is ‘April in Paris’ and I can say I have enjoyed many good times there.  This is a beautifully scented variety with long stems.



I also enjoyed a good day out Waterperry Gardens in Oxfordshire a couple of years ago and this cistus was bought there.  It’s  ‘Alan Fradd’ and is laden with flowers at the moment.



The rainy weather of the last few days has been a wonderful relief for the garden. The water butts are filling up again and I imagine the slugs and snails are partying like mad.  A few weeks ago I spotted this beautiful pot thrown out in a skip.  I called at the house and asked if I could liberate it.  I was amazed that anyone would want to throw it away but when I flexed the muscles to lift it from the skip I realised why.  It is plastic!  It fooled me but I was still happy to take it and give a new hosta a home.  I’ve wrapped copper tape around the pot and mulched the top with a layer of slate chips that were lurking at the back of the shed.  I’ve placed it on the wooden top of a raised bed.  What more can I do?  I’m pleased that I made a small contribution to plastic recycling and I now have another garden memory.

Mr P has a truly beautiful rose (I’m so envious) on show in his Six on Saturday and all the links to other sixes will appear in his comments section through the day.  If it’s raining where you are put your feet up and have a good read.


17 thoughts on “Six On Saturday: Dad’s Delphiniums

    • These delphiniums seem to get away so fast they are up above ground before the S&S have woken up! I also think the mulch I use seems to be a bit of a deterrent. We have only just had the rain down here and it was very welcome.


  1. I love your geraniums with the roses it’s a very sweet colour combination. Sadly my Geranium ‘Rozanne’ didn’t make it through our very hot summer. I think linking your post to your Dad’s D Day was a very good idea.

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  2. Plants with personal associations are always special. I have some from my Dad’s garden.
    My Delphiniums (in their second year) are flowering on fairly short stems so I’m a little disappointed. On the other hand, it’s the first time that I’ve managed to keep them for a second year so I’m very happy just to see them.

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  3. The reason that all the flowers in my garden are not white is that they all come from other peoples’ gardens. My Iris pallida cam from my great grandmother’s garden. It happens to be my favorite iris, even though it is not white. My two favorite zonal geraniums are bright orangish red and bright pink, but because they have history, I do not intend to ever stop maintaining them.


  4. Don’t our gardens look lovely in the summer? Roses, delphiniums, geraniums are gorgeous together and it is always nice to have plants which remind us of family members.


  5. Now you can’t say something like, all S&S have fled my garden because of my mulch & not tell us what mulch you use! I loved all the associations you have w/your plants. Dad’s delphinium is really a delicate blue, isn’t it? The rose & geranium combo is gorgeous – those are some strapping geraniums. And that sweet pea . . . o dear, I may have to have that one next year.

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    • Ha ha. My secret weapon is mulch or mix from Thompsons of crews hill in Enfield. It leaves a dry top surface and I think this might help. But can’t honestly say they’ve fled the garden!!


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