Six On Saturday: I was surprised!

Surprised like most of us in the UK to have such warm temperatures in February at the beginning of this week and surprised to find a few more plants in flower.  I thought it was all looking a bit dull out there.  I haven’t really got to grips with flowering shrubs and early spring bulbs for the garden yet. But all in good time.   Here’s what surprised me this week:



I could have sworn that I didn’t have any early daffs, but this tiny group of ‘Tete a Tete’ have just sprung up under a rose bush.  They must be a relic from past plantings and they look very well.  I am persuaded to add them to my bulb order wish list.



These cowslips are from own planting.  They are in a sheltered corner and catch the morning sun.  I think they have been lured out by this week’s warmth.



The north facing border must also been catching a few sunny rays.  The pulmonaria have opened up.  I originally had them in a south facing border but they were uprooted in the autumn and moved to the dark depths of the other side of the garden.  The slugs don’t seem to like them and I find their uncomplaining nature very agreeable!



It’s a dangerous time to be out in the garden.  The bulbs are all coming through so I really must be careful where I put my feet as I try to keep on top of the weeds and slugs.  I’m also hoping there won’t be any casualties as a result of the dry summer weather.  I didn’t really think about the bulbs when I was mean with the watering.


From a distance the clematis looked like a tangled mass of dried up browness.  Close up there was an impressive amount of new growth and it was quite clearly time for some pruning.  Job done!


I have another skip on site.  For every project in the house there is the opportunity of sorting out something in the garden.   It’s curtains for the BBQ and the spotted laurel.  The laurel clearly got wind of its impending doom and put out some very attractive berries.  But my mind is made up – not a frequent occurrence – and the laurel will be gone by the end of the month.  The severely cracked BBQ has already been skipped and I have a larger seating area as a result.  Now I need to choose a garden bench.

I have a long wish list of plants that I have come across from reading the SOSs that get posted every week.  If you are looking for inspiration go to  The Propagator  for links to temptations for every season!

23 thoughts on “Six On Saturday: I was surprised!

  1. I had an old barbecue, I destroyed some part and left the rest to create a large container of flowers with bricks all around. I don’t know what you’re going to do with yours? … OK for the spotted laurel. I would have done the same thing even if birds like berries … My project is to dig up one too. I just have to find what to plant there later.
    Nice Six and beautiful flowers. … and watch out for the tulips …

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  2. That pulmonaria is very attractive. You seem to have quite a bit of colour there. My clematis montana stems had turned almost black over winter. I thought it had had it but there are now signs of life!

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    • That is very interesting – I clearly made a mess of my posting this week! At the last minute I changed the post and deleted the hole in the hedge picture and replaced it with a clematis pruning photo. But it seems that the earlier version got posted briefly! What a to do. I think the hole in the hedge has been made by the birds who fly into the hedge before hopping out onto the bird feeder hanging up next door. I had a peek around but I couldn’t see any nests.

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  3. Tete a tete are always welcome and I don’t get bored of them, despite their ubiquity. I have finished reading Plot 29. Loved it. Very deep and moving. Any suggestions as to who to pass it on to or should I just pick someone?


    • That photo shows the sum total of my tete at tete collection. They are definitely on the shopping list. Re book, I’ve sent Gill a note to see if anyone else has their name down. If not I think it is a good idea to choose someone. I’ll get back to you asap.


  4. I’m sure you’ll not miss the bbq, especially with a soon to be chosen new bench. Yes – I’m having to be careful where I tread at the moment too. Annoyingly my dog and his dog friend visitor weren’t quite so careful last week. I think my tulips have survived – just.

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  5. Your bulbs will have been quite happy in dry ground, happier than if you’d watered them in fact
    Being baked does them good, it is this natural condition that we try to take by lifting them and keeping somewhere dry like a shed.


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