Six On Saturday: Summer is hanging on but autumn is settling in

Even though temperatures here today are forecast to reach 24 degrees, the nights are cooling down and summer is really over.  Its the end of the third summer in the new garden and progress is being made.  More bulbs have arrived and some more bare root roses will be ordered.  This week the plants for my small west facing borders have arrived:


IMG_2950I’ve planted the same group of plants either side of a small path..  The Agastache ‘Alabaster’ were in the garden already and they have now been joined by Echinacea purpurea ‘White Swan’, Gaura lindheimeri ‘Whirling Butterflies’ and Pennisetum villosum.  Fingers crossed for next summer.


IMG_2952On the diagonal opposite to this area is what was fondly known as ground elder corner.  After three summers of digging it out I think I have the upper hand and so I am beginning to put in some permanent plants.  First to go in is Trachelospermum jasminoides, a firm six on saturday favourite.  I’m hoping it will very quickly cover the great expanse of unattractive brown fence.


The nerines have just begun to open out.  They are a little depleted in number as I stepped on one and not all of them have flowered.   The variety is Nerine bowdenii ‘Ostara’.  This is their first year in the garden so I am hoping they will settle down and put on a good show next year.


IMG_2947Also adding some late colour are these Lillies.  Yet more naming debates: are they now Schizostylis, or Hesperantha?  I know which one I prefer.  These came from the old garden and are bulking up nicely.


IMG_2951And since repetition is allowed and because the late colour is so fabulous, I give you again the Salvia ‘Amistad’ and the Rose, Darcy Bussell.  The Salvias mooched along all summer but they have really established themselves in the last month.  Darcy Bussell just keeps on putting out new buds.


The warmth of summer lingers on but autumn is settling in and mushrooms have started to appear in the garden.  I’m intrigued by the blue ones but  have no idea what they are.

Here’s hoping all is well in your garden.  Autumn brings the storms and while I am still finding the garden very dry I know others are suffering from high winds and heavy rain.  It’s a gardener’s lot! Find out more at The Propagator’s blog.  That’s where all the great Six On Saturday links are posted.






23 thoughts on “Six On Saturday: Summer is hanging on but autumn is settling in

  1. Yup, still a lot going on in your garden (it’s all blown down today, here). You’ll need to get something to attach the Trachleospermum to in order to get it going and then give it something to twine around when it takes over that task for itself. I used something like which I’ve attached to my fence (aiming for the posts and rails, not the feather boards) which is cheerful enough and quite cheap. It’s not held off the fence as the gaps around the edges of the boards provide enough space. After just a year, mine is already twirling around the support on its own and isn’t far off the size I want to keep it to!

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  2. Blue mushrooms? Never seen them before. I have just finished my third summer here too – still lots to do, but it is gradually shaping up into a garden I will enjoy. Just got to decide what to plant in one of my raised beds that was intended for herbs and veggies. More herbs maybe, to encourage bees and butterflies into the garden.

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  3. For my trachelospermum, I have used a wire climbing column approximately 2 m high and 15 cm wide. The time has done the rest, it measures about 4 m high and 1.50 m in diameter. I’m sure yours will find this place as a good one if the sun shines well on this side.
    the blue mushrooms look like Stropharia aeruginosa. Check if I’m right.

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    • It looks similar. I will check to see how it fades. I only have one small group, I think they must have come in with the mulch I used last winter. I’m hoping the trachelospermum will have enough sun. In the winter it is not so good!

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  4. I feel sure blue mushrooms, although very decorative, will be poisonous! Your number one photo shows a group of plants which should look splendid next spring- all favourites of mine. I planted trachelospermum to hide an ugly fence too, but am finding it very slow. The winters here knock it back a bit, but it will get there eventually.

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  5. Just two hours ago, I wrote about how summer is lingering for everyone else who does not expect it, but is already succumbing to autumn for those of us who ‘expect’ Indian summer to linger! How embarrassing that everyone else has better flowers than I have this late in the season!
    Star jasmine does happen to do very well here, and can get all over! Although not invasive, it is aggressive with everything around it. I grew it in my garden in town, and let it climb the railing on the stairwell to the upper floor.

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  6. Hello. I celebrate your (temporary) victory over the ground elder! You know it will be back, right? I have a trachy j to plant, I bought it for £1.76 in Morrison’s back in the spring. It is raring to go now. I am aiming to put it in a planter down the side alley. Have to build the planter first….


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