Six On Saturday: Oops I did it again

With temperatures again in the 30s I went away for the week.  Yes, I know.  No real gardener ever leaves the garden in summer, not ever!  I did the usual frantic watering, moving pots into the shade and putting everything on trays or saucers and off I went.  My garden is well past its best so I was really quite relaxed.  I went in search of inspiration from some of the great gardens of England and I found that they too had gone over plants, roses devoid of flowers and scorched lawns.  But some ideas for late summer colour were found and I returned determined to take more care of my phloxes.

But here is what is happening in my garden this week.



Rosa Natasha Richardson is in her second flowering and is looking gorgeous.  I’m very happy with the background of Agastache Black Adder but she needs something the other side of her.  I’m still looking for her ideal companion.



Sometime in May I optimistically sprinkled some zinnia seeds that came free with a well known gardening magazine and in the week I was away they opened up.  They were sown at the foot of the now towering tithonia and in amongst the Pentsemon Plum Jerkum.   They have given me an extra spot of late summer colour.



You would not expect me to visit three gardens and come away empty handed now would you? I nearly did as Hidcote had sold out of Agapanthus Navy Blue – a later flowering variety that’s now on my wish list.  Fortunately across the road at Kiftsgate I found a lovely pink Salvia microphylla Blush Pink.  It should flower into November and be frost hardy.  If it does I shall be very happy.



I left my tray of Ammi visnaga out in a shady/sunny spot hoping they might put on a spurt of growth.  I really don’t know if they are going to make it into flower but I am going to plant them out anyway and enjoy their feathery green foliage in amongst the white zinnias as planned.



My vegetable patch has struggled this year, falling foul of lack of rain and my feeble attempts to water it.  I harvested the onions before I left and put them in the potting shed to dry out – as if they needed that!  Small but delightfully formed I think.



The apples are also much smaller this year.  I received an email from my apple juicing farm telling me that this is the earliest apples have ripened in 12 years.  I still don’t think mine are ready for picking and I’m hoping that the welcome deluge of rain that arrived on Friday will give them an extra boost.  I also need to decide what to do with this poor specimen.  Do I shorten the leader and keep the laterals in tight or will the leader strengthen over time?  So much learning to be done!

The bulb catalogues are arriving and even as I review how to improve the August and September garden my thoughts are turning to Spring.  I am well and truly on the gardening roller coaster and on the whole enjoying it.

Be dazzled by the diversity of gardens that get shown each week by checking the links given on The Propagator’s blog You will see that there is an occasional ‘cheat’ and this week The Prop has smuggled three extras into his six.  There must be a sub section somewhere that allows that then!

The apples are also so much smaller this year.  I received an email from my apple juicing farm telling me that this was the earliest apples had ripened in 12 years.  I still don’t think mine are ready to pick and I am hoping that the welcome deluge of rain that came on Friday will give them an extra boost.  I need to think what I do with this poor specimen.  Should I cut the leader much shorter and keep all the laterals in tighter or will the leader strengthen over time? There is so much learning to be done!

10 thoughts on “Six On Saturday: Oops I did it again

  1. Not sure if it is your post or my screen, but you have a massive white space at the end of your post. Anyway technical things excepted you seem to have got away with leaving the garden. I have vowed never to go away in spring or summer! My Ammi visnaga has only just begun to flower and it is in a very sunny bed, so yours may well do so soon. It is a lovely plant and welcome as the Ammi majus has pretty much finished flowering.

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  2. I suspect that your Ammi roots may be a bit constrained in the tray and it is quite possible that once in the ground they will spurt forth (give them a feed of a high potash fertiliser when you plant them). If the reports that the summer will return and we’ll have a gorgeous September, who knows what will happen. I may even get a bloom on my “specimen” roses. The cheap ones are flowering away nicely but my two “Peace” roses have managed a single flower between them. Another three varieties haven’t even budded. Still, I live in hope. BTW I wonder if you fell asleep with your head on the “Enter” key at the end of your post. 😉

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    • Morning! I did lose some of my copy at one point and was roaming around trying to find it!! Good to hear from you, I hope you at back to full strength. Ammi going in today – more rain forecast so that and a feed will give them a good start. I too will hope for yr roses!


  3. Was feeling all sympathetic about your garden having gone over already, then saw your first photo. My goodness, woman, if I had that much rose bloom in my garden, I’d be dancing. They’re lovely w/the agastache. Look forward to what you put in on the other side – that’ll be next year? Am really loving that ammi visnaga. It looks so much like what we called Queen Anne’s lace back home, that I looked it up & found here it’s called Bishop’s Weed. Distant cousins, maybe. So that & the zinnias, you have me adding plants to my list for next year, too. Glad the garden was mostly still intact upon your return. Good luck w/the apple tree.

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    • That rose is the best £5 I ever spent on the garden. It was a donation to a plant sale from someone else’s garden. Maybe it does so well because it’s a few years old. All my other roses are new and not yet in their stride. Really cheered me up. Zinnias seem very rewarding and I think I might put some dark blue agapanthus with the rose. Rest of garden is a bit of a rag bag – honest!

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